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  1. ........... Poor BnS. -Cries, sit in the corner and eat cookies-
  2. Still waiting one of my cutest character...-wag tail- :c
  3. Soho server down or crashed?

    Me to. I don't get it from failed server (200) that I did pin, instead crash..
  4. Too many bot players

    Instresting Bot players? I didn't know that players always do that. mygawd. -facepalms-
  5. Not loading after character creation

    rip. it's will be back on..it is up yet? owo
  6. Old Man Cho Has Done It Again...

    Lol! X'D! No wonder. -Deadaf-
  7. Extremely offensive chat.

    People are just too sensitive over the game. They just came and troll on them. -Shrugs- Life is Life. L> bringserversbackon.
  8. Server down or crashed ?

    Funny how I got crash right after I logged in then lagspike. >_> Booo! Booo! ><