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  1. Awesome unknown tool! (+ guide)

    What aggravates me is that the bid window still pops up even tho I do the pass on all. Why pester me with the bid window?
  2. How can I make a summoners cat FAT? o.o

    Here's my fat kitty. I used Sandstone groomer.
  3. If people are nice and fun to play with, I really don't care. At the end of the day it's all just 1's and 0's in a database and not worth a ton of soul searching or being exclusionary.
  4. Considering some people are not smart, mature, or decent enough to choose appropriate pics (thus ruining it for those of us evolved enough to make such decisions) there probably isn't a way. At least I hope one isn't found as we will then loose the capability to even use it, again.
  5. What new class should BnS add next?

    I'm always up for an archer class; and with this latest story arc they kind of have me hoping for a bard type class.
  6. Class Changer Item

    I personally wouldn't use one but I certainly won't begrudge anyone else who might. (edit) In response to the question of any other mmorpg that does this... WoW provides an insta level 90 ability which is kinda sorta the same. Having said that, I've not used my freebie 90 in that game for the reasons stated here.... I like the idea of learning my chars thru the leveling process.
  7. Lag spikes + Disconnects

    Lag and disconnects have increased for me recently too, and I'm in the US.
  8. Soul Fighter Solo Blackram Narrows at Lv. 23

    Nice video. What 's the music?
  9. blade and soul debugger error

    I'm having this issue as of last night/early AM ... I have win defender though. I've already tried adding folders and files to exception list and it doesn't work. I've tried disabling windef and not getting anywhere with that either. ***UPDATE*** I did some more digging on Microsoft support. Found a suggestion to check for outdated sound drivers. I discovered an update was available for AMD HD Audio; downloaded and installed; rebooted, and error went away. What an outdated sound driver and a debugger have in common I've no idea.
  10. I have an idea. There's and and .... someone needs to make
  11. You learn something new every day.
  12. Gamers should marry/date gamers. There's a reason the term "wife-aggro" was coined MANY years ago. ;)
  13. Beware of Phishing Scams

    I got a whisper masquerading as a gm trying to get me to go to a phishing site.
  14. Pet Suggestion

    I want Granny as a pet. Instead of offering defense she can just narrate in her own special way as we run around. "Bleepin' stop cc'g the bleepin' BW you bleepin' idiots!"