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  1. Titernia

    Des vs BD

    No, the only one reason who does most of the top destroyers have Raven is they already have Raven stage 1 or whatever before the Rifwalk release, that's all. I personnaly do the 2 weapon but nobody want to spend a lot of money to get both. Are you too narrow minded to understand that ?
  2. Titernia

    Des vs BD

    Why do you try to defend Raven is better than Riftwalk while all destroyers have to know we do most of the damages during Fury. And it's precisely why Riftwalk is better during long fight exceed 1.30 min because our cooldown fury decreases to 31 sec (and not 45 sec with Raven). I've never been behind other destroyers in dps meter with Raven stage 3 (even stage 6) with my Riftwalk stage 3 in hard mode. But i agree you need all the last kind of best equipments as possible to do the best with this weapon. If you aren't able to admit that, maybe you should play a little more your des
  3. Titernia

    Des vs BD

    AHAHAH ! You made my day, maybe a circus will recruit you ? Riftwalk is definitely better during long fight or boss battle than Raven. I can proove that by myself, i got 2 weapons riftwalk and raven, 3 stage both. I do more damages during pull with Raven or during short fight (6v6, mushin tower, infinite tower) but i do much more damages with riftwalk in dungeon especially during a fight more longer than 1.30 min. Your last sentence : Definitely, you don't know some kind of good Destroyers at all... I do more 230k damages during pull with Riftwalk and appoximatively same damages (a litt
  4. Titernia

    Des vs BD

    No, definitely not. You have certainly played with bad earth destroyer to say that. With the ending gear, earth Des is better than shadow Des, mostly with Riftwalk Axe who allows earth Des to reduce fury cd by 30% (31 sec last). With Shadow build, you depend too much mana to play and hit a lot of. If you're out of Chi, you'll not hit further more. Shadow is only good if you have a bad ping who doesn't allow you to anim cancel properly
  5. " Cheating is the receiving of a reward for ability or finding an easy way out of an unpleasant situation by dishonest means. It is generally used for the breaking of rules to gain unfair advantage in a competitive situation" Wikipedia source. For a High ping player can you explain me in which situation it's an unfair advantage when he could just play as better as a low/normal ping player. I'm totally agree to forbid this use for low ping players because they already play in best situation as possible. But i'm totally agree to allow high ping player to use it. How do you want a game
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