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  1. SystemErr

    same here...
  2. Add Back Green Dungeons to Cross Realm

    I agree they should be brought back (even though I managed to solo on level most green dungeons with most of my characters). It makes no sense to force players to stand around a dungeon door waiting for other random players to appear, ask for help in faction chat which mostly has high level players and gold spammers or overlevel a dungeon so that they may easily solo it... or ask around region chat that nobody ever reads or answers (just to present all options...). It was a really "non intelligent" decision... -_-
  3. Starting up Crafting

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking of starting to craft (I'm tired of buying everything I need with barely any money/time)... Can you please advice me what are the best professions and any other advice you can come up with for someone starting up (4 characters available). Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. A Umbrella Class?

    If kung-fu master wasn't so much like a double-fan class and soul-fighter so much like a single fan class I'd go for this (I hate the look of those weapons)... Anyway, a fan class could work - they'd use ponpons as a weapon (akin to cheerleader) - KIDDING!
  5. Hosting yeti teaching runs every Sunday!

    Thoron, thanks a lot for this! The community needs this kind of iniciatives. Kudos for you. ^_^ (I'd join, but I need to upgrade my equipment... I'm not even in the 400s yet)
  6. So this mushroom event is more expensive..

    I don't really understand the time restriction either... At the rithm I'm getting materials (ultra casual here), I'm not even getting enough for one evolution with a nebula stone before it times out so I'll probably skip it... :/
  7. Gear Noob Question - 45 Warlock

    While we are talking about gearing a 45 warlock, what soul shields should we be aiming for on the road to 50?
  8. Warlock get busted with the patch?

    I'm feeling it too. Just got to level 30 and every mob 2 or 3 hits me... I have to heal all the time... :/ Something is surely off.
  9. Help me decide on a WL

    Well... I've been reading around the internet looking for Lyn lore to justify the whole "Does Warlock make sense for Lyns?" debate... There is not much to go with, but what I could find actually vouches for it to make sense... There is no mention of "sensitivity to corruption" like IxFa mentioned and the whole " converse with beings from the Spirit Realm " and " unpredictable nature " completely falls in place with Warlock (unlike Yun's background that is whole "nature and beauty and balance and meditation and whatnot"). Lore appart, I also like the look of the Jin character more... The thing is the animations of Jin females seem kind of strange to me for some reason and the whole clipping issue is making me crazy... Conclusion: I get over the issues with the animations and clipping of the Jin or I make another Jin and deal with the animations alone (this hair looks great, but the ribbon always inside the character's back is driving me nuts enough to make her wear a hat all the time...) If I can't even survive the animations, I guess I'll play a third Lyn (at least this is a tall one - the other two I have are tiny).
  10. Help me decide on a WL

    So far, we have: 4 to nil in favour of Jin. Anyone else? :)
  11. Help me decide on a WL

    Is Selene the only one who can't see the pics?
  12. Help me decide on a WL

    The Jin one has some clipping issues, unfortunately... I really hate those... but even like that, I really can't decide on one. (I'd make this into a poll if I knew how).
  13. Help me decide on a WL

    Hello everyone, I built two WL (one of each race) and now I have no idea which to keep (I like both): or
  14. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    Thanks for the heads up. I didn't really read into it properly until now. I find it strange that a whole class's DPS is based on a gimmic like this, but if everyone says it, they can't be wrong. :P I'll keep leveling and when I feel the need for it, I guess I'll have to train it like everyone else... (I don't think I have any ping issues so I should be fine)
  15. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    I'm not max leveled yet, nor do I feel the need to be on top of the dps chain. I don't find it to be that "garbagy" though (could be wrong - no idea)... However, playing with RMB/LMB like a crazy parkinson patient is not my idea of fun... I like using other skills in my rotation (besides, I have no desire to develop carpal). As long as I feel I'm pulling my own weight I'm fine not being "top notch".