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    if this is true, how easy is it to open your inventory? Let's takes around 70+ dragon pouches to open your inventory, you get like..."maybe" 15 from the game. That I've seen. I don't care about outfits, they're superficial. What I care about is being a paying customer, premium member and not being able to loot anything, because the inventory is insufficient. Hongmoon coin SHOULD be more attainable. the only way you can get it, is from like 3 dailies, that I am aware of. Making it so that you can actually get one 1 in 5 boxes, wouldn't be game breaking. And since you can only do a dailie once a day, it's still slow. But it would validate their advertising point of hongmoon coin. And since it still takes time to farm enough of them to get anything big, like an outfit, people will still use cash shop to get things faster than those who farm it.

    Yeah. Honestly, the Hongmoon coin system was my only reason to really continue playing. Their NC items are priced way too high, and NCoin cost way too much, more than double their value. It costs around 60+ US dollars to open up your inventory, all the way. That is absolutely inSANE! That's something I haven't even seen a totally F2P game do. At most, you'd spend around 10-20 bucks to open up inventory. And then it's like another 20+ bucks to open up your vault space. PER CHARACTER! So just for inventory, you're paying almost 100 US dollars, unless you npc/destroy everything you get, except a few things. Non-premiums don't have access to wardrobe and that's like...what their entire inventory will consist of, since they can't open up the inventory unless they spend insane amounts of money . And forget having alts. That's another 100 bucks, just for inventory, not even counting outfits, or colored keys or anything. So to top all of that off, they make it insanely ridiculous to obtain the free to play cash shop currency? Ergo, they don't really want you to play for free, but don't want to be honest and market the game for what it is, and that is a HUGE WASTE OF MONEY! HMC was the only way i would have continued playing, through alts, et cetera, but if they don't make it more attainable, then they're just going to lose me as a player and customer, as well as others. Furthermore, I agree that premium members should be getting either a small daily amount of Hongmoon coin, or a monthly lump. All that premium does is make you look flashy while you sprint, and allow you storage for outfits. All the other "benefits" are practically worthless. Give me more inventory space over a lousy 10-20% increase to exp, currency, reduced fees by x%, any day! But seeing as how this is NCsoft.....this is a lost cause. They're a greedy game publisher. They don't "really" care about their customers or players. They only care about the cash flow. Well I've spent my share of money, I am a premium member and founder pack holder. But I guarantee that unless something is done, it's not going to be the bots that make me and others leave, it'll be the fault of greedy corporate assholes and those who condone it.
  3. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    But all this accomplishes is removing all global chats, defeating the purpose of having in game chat in the first place. But I already do this. I just have my chat permanently in party only chat. But we shouldn't have to do that. We should be able to discuss the game, or anything else, with people other than those we have in our parties, friend lists, and clans.
  4. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    it's useless if bots just bypass it, which they do. And that system has been in place since cbt
  5. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    There is a system. I tested it, myself. I tried to spam something and after 6 messages of the same thing, I got "squelched" for just under 2 minutes. However, they're bypassing that system, just as they've bypassed the lvl 10 chat restriction.
  6. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Pretty much this. It has been said all throughout this entire thread and yet somehow, they chose "raise global chat restriction to lvl 10" out of all of the suggestions made. They basically chose the one that took the least amount of effort and highest probability of failing. And there is enough data from past games to know that statistically, such a "band-aid" would be severely insufficient. ... So when they say "We're taking this issue very seriously" I have to call bullshit.
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    If this actually works why in the blazes hasn't this been done by the devs. basically if this works, you solved the issue that developers, being paid with our money, should have been able to solve just as easily. And since they are not, shows a clear sign of corruption and laziness. I wish I was as technically savvy, so I have no idea of the authenticity of this....but the implications if it works.... I will attempt to put up with the bots as much as I can. But I can guarantee that I will just go back to Skyforge permanently, if this issue is not solved within a month of the date of open beta launch.
  8. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Id rather it get abused and get banned than deal with this atrocity. We can always contest our banning, as actual human beings. The bots can't.
  9. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Proxy use is something that should be getting blocked either at launch screen, or when the hack prevention security starts to run. There are websites and internet security programs that block proxies, so it's not exactly that hard.
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    even though they have premium, anyone from early access can tell you that in early release, before f2p, the bots were completely manageable on our block lists. Wasn't until after f2p launch that it became unbearable. Yes, if the game was subscription based, you'd still have bots, but it'd be substantially LESS bots. Hell, even games that are B2P don't have a 3rd of the bots we have.
  11. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Even so, simply removing our block limit would help tremendously. Because I have no qualms sitting there blocking for 10 minutes
  12. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    " We have added a level 10 or below chat restriction for Region, Faction and Party Finder Chat Channels " that's nice and'd be better if you raised that to 15. But it'd also be nice if you removed the block limit. I'd of preferred that over the lvl 10 chat restriction. At least in priority. Also it's very tiring to report over 100 spammers a minute, you can't even report/block that many, but that's how many there are. And once you remove one, 3 takes its place. It's like ****ing Hydra!
  13. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    It's funny, because I can see a bot spam forever and ever. But when I tried to spam something, after bout 6 messages it said I was squelched for almost 2 minutes. But they just keep going on and on and on,
  14. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    It's very simple. IP ban them. Do it the first time and that's it. OR they could like...idk...remove our block list restriction.
  15. Sounds legit. I know that there are over a hundred of them. And they only give us 50 blocks. like wtf. I managed to block all the ones in faction chat, and then not even 5 minutes later, they tripled and flooded faction again this wouldn't be an issue if it was pay to play. There'd probably be a few spammers here and there, nothing our blocks couldn't handle, but....damn