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  1. Elysian Orb madness

    My self I think the nerfed the drop rate you notice almost everyday in f10 there is moonstones or elysian crystals they want you to buy ncoin also the same with the new pet system its all about the money I will wait at some point they will change it again ...
  2. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    Y'all better think really hard on this ... Making to many changes every couple of patches... the new pet pods not a good idea .. not going to upgrade mine and know a lot of other players feel the same way.. Now for me I sold what I had of radiant I am fine atm with my gems and no not max either I just get them from events or trove.. We games put in a lot of work and man hours to play this game and for you keep changing things is really messed up... This will hurt BNS
  3. DC every 15 mins

    Same here... At least 10 times now ...
  4. Evolved Stone Availability

    Yeah waste of time over 20 30 people at all the new place's no one got one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Need announcement for the NA severs lag

    Big time spikes lol 9288 ping
  6. Good luck new Gunner mains

    I agree Persefone to much time and wayyyy to much money to keep dumping into this game I was also waiting for the gunner had my stuff ready not going to do it ... to much to do on my main .. my soul is only 7 and no raven weapon yet everything else I have
  7. 90g to mail gems between characters

    This is a bad choice on NC this is just another reason not to level up alts.. I my self just started testing out some other toons was waiting on the gunner before I made my mind up on which to go with. We already have to pay extra for more toon slots. Most FTP games your clothes and achievements are account bound.. This will take away money that people would be spending on there alts .. its already so expensive just to keep up your main toon... so for me that is a paying member no alts for me or extra spending money BAD CHIOCE NC...
  8. New to pvp about Arena stats

    Yeah I thought so just wanted to make sure was shocked to see ap dropped down so low -.- but makes since thanks so much for the reply...
  9. Hello all quick question just getting into the pvp Arena is everyone's stats the same ? I noticed my pet HP is taken off once in the Arena my hp drops down to 39,000 -.- Thanks
  10. Can't get pass the login screen

    Me also and I tried what Rylen posted still nothing sighs :(
  11. Hello all I am having trouble signing in ... I am not reciving any errors I get nothing -.- I get the sign in screen I put my username in and password and nothing yesturday it was working just fine .... Thanks