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  1. The hype is over

    To be honest, I don't like the premium leveling system. Premium is not hotel where you get better room when you pay more. And you have to pay a lot to get a higher stat premium. Secondly, I don't really feel the difference for being a premium except for the queue. Wardrobe, yes, a bit convenience and that's about it. You might spend less in the game but on the basis of spending a lot more in cash Yea :D at least my character is lv45 and saw Poharan It is the fuse.
  2. The hype is over

    To avoid long post. the summary is here: The good: Great game what can I say Good machanics We love this game We want to support the game The bad: Ever-going major bugs after release in other countries for a long time Reward changes Stats changes Bad head start Server downs Premium issue Wardrobe issue RNG Box The Ugly: NCSoft shady business practices NCSoft full gauge greediness NCSoft decision maker meh The list goes on... Basically I wasted a few hundred dollars, and I decided to leave even it hurts a lot if I leave now. Coming back? not until the company has a consumer friendly mindset. p.s. how can i forget rng box lol
  3. New RNG Box in Shop!

    :( that's why it is disappointing and drive me maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I just wasted a great Michelin sushi dinner.
  4. New RNG Box in Shop!

    You can still get it. but you don't know how much money you will throw into the sea, i.e. wasted. (Damn RNJesus) Like @Akane said, you can get a guarantee costume for a year of premium. Sure why not. But this one is the other way around. Lottery is a different concept, you can "donate" the money and wait for the result, which implies "I don't really care". But you got a great point though, Achievement driven costume is Great. It will attract more attention and game time for the players. even a casual one like me. (you double quoted btw)
  5. New RNG Box in Shop!

    You are talking like you are not a consumer. They buy the box because they don't want the costume and don't want their characters look good haha! Now I will ask you: do you want the costume? Most people do not have it. After spending 50 dollars, My heart says yes, my brain says no. and my wallet is still full of cash. NCSoft can sell the costume for a higher price, I'm Ok with that. Now they put the RNG box in like gambling, it's not good. When you get into casino, the mindset is ok Today I will spend 50 dollars as a consumer or 1 hour and I will leave which comes first. Then enjoy the excitement of gambling. But this thing is disappointing and could be endless.
  6. New RNG Box in Shop!

    People spent decent amount of money and did not get the costume, and they feel bad every second afterwards in game for a certain amount of time. Instead of getting fun from the game, they are suffering.
  7. New RNG Box in Shop!

    I bought Master Pack and I am pretty satisfied with the NCoins that I can use for Pouches and some Costumes. I love to support this game. But not in this way. Disappointed at the head start launch, feel like I'm wasting my life. Disappointed at the reward changes for quests, struggle to level items as a casual player. Now this box makes me feel worse. The hype is over. I think I need to stay away from this game and spend time on some other games/things that worth the time
  8. anyone having wardrobe issues

    same here. "An error has occured, unable to open wardrobe"
  9. Premium Member Queue

    So we need a "smart" counter . we need the position in queue not the size of it
  10. Founders got punished for buying

    For this waiting queue, there is no fault on us players. we paid and we should get what we paid for. like sports games, if you expect a huge volume of people, build the stadium BIG. OR limit the ticket ha... it is not beta test.
  11. MUSHIN !!! FULL !!! STOP !!!

    because money is taken. hearts are bleeding until we/they got their characters in.
  12. For those who has quene problems

    not in mushin? i did the same but my character is on mushin
  13. Wanna pass queue FASTER? LOOK HERE~

    i have 999 pounds of potato, how can i pass the queue?