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  1. Guys you forgot were getting the 64 bit client? Since korea got it like 3-4 weeks agom in maybe like 1-2 months well get it here, that fixes a lot of issues with fps drops, memory leaks, etc.
  2. Theyve already done stuff, korea got a 64bit client that fixes memory leak problems,steady fps and more. Its in KR since 3 weeks ago. Hope ncsoft prioritizes this and brings it here fast as possible. The guy doenst even have a monster pc. I5 3.4ghz, gtx 870 , 8gb ram, win 7 64bit, and as you can see he runs max srttings , no control+f, and no fps drops. Watch and enjoy
  3. The black friday is complete bullshit. I saw other games far better in this day. For example i just bought black desert for 5€ since i has all packs discounted 50% on black friday . 5 STUPID €. And maybe its p2w BDO but i had my fun time for the 7 days trial and i ended up buying it now, and for *cricket* sake, its 5€ xD. It ends today that offer. Oh and I love the hell out of blade and soul, atm now HM11 almost 12 with 700 AP, and been playing it since january. But this shit 250 keys, they might as well go and spit on my face, if their gonna give me this garbage.
  4. Sweet fx comes wiht the 64bit client i think
  5. Some possitive effects? Their huge performance increase. And the guy from the vids doesnt even have a MONSTER PC. Intel Core 3.50Ghz i5-4690k (4.5GHz overclock, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780Ti HOF , 8GB RAM, Windows 7 64 BIT. HIS PC IS NOT A MONSTER AND RUNS IT PERFECTLY. WE HAVE HOPE HERE
  6. Not really hope they increase graphics, if they can then great. If they fix the issue with memory leak, optimize it wall, no more freezes an steady fps, i will MORE than happy. I could stay at 60 FPS with no problem. And as you can see my specs are not an endgame pc, since its like 4-5 years old my pc, and i have no problem running games from nowadays. Plus a lot less dc will happen since theill fix this problems hopefully
  7. Other thing i noticed, is that they dont need CTRL+F to hide at ALL, and i its completely smoother and i dont know if its the vid quality or the core graphic is improved. Who knows. This client is the dream for all bns players that have a decent pc or a monster pc. Lets hope we will get it like when summer 2017 comes, or even before. Believe xD.
  8. So we heard that the 64 bit client was ongoing on korea server. Some said that was an excuse, that it would take a lot of time untill we see SOMETHING about it, or that it woulnt help at all the game. Well call me crazy but if this is on test server and works like this, WATCH and tell me your impresions. Ive been like Kreygasm for like 10 minutes. And i have a good PC, running 120 FPS and it drives me crazy to drop randomly to 15-20 fps when running some dungeons and specially now MSP and the random DC cause of memory leak... And I have a 1TB sata 3 32Mb cache (gonna switch soon to a NAS sat
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