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  1. Get off the forums guys :P gonna watch this till servers go back up ROFL
  2. Get off the forums guys :P

  3. Get off the forums guys :P

    Well its like 7:56 am here. :/ i woke up too early.
  4. Get off the forums guys :P

    I dont understand why it takes them like 5 hours to like add anti spam stuff and a tweak or whatever but ok. lol.
  5. Get off the forums guys :P

    We still got like 3 hours. lol. yall have fun sitting here for 3 more frigging hours. But here this may help the boredom.
  6. Que times...

    You could just get a character on Juwan, Iskaun or whatever that other one was. There is recommended servers that are (Should) be shown on the character lobby. The recommended servers are Juwan,Iskaun, and whatever taht other one was, Its recommended because its for all the people that dont want to deal with ques. But yea, Just be patient. People have been wanting to play this game for so damn long, waiting for it to launch in the west. For it to be translated. So yea no dip there is long que times. There is other games that have had long ass ques in launch. Trove by glyph was another one. They realised there was a long que time problem and they kept feeding money into buying more servers. They couldnt keep up for like a while and they dont have ques anymore. That i know of. But yea Be patient, Dont play, or just make a character on a recommended server. Im not here to be an *cricket* or seem like on. Imhere to speak my mind. I hope this helps you.
  7. Alright regarding the recent hotfix there has been an AFK Implement. That Implement severely damages gameplay time. What i mean by that is if you crash and you have a problem when you try to get back in and it gives you an error, Like when i get Error 02010. Its hard to get back in. Unless you know how to fix it. Im here to (Hopefully) help you. ] If you get kicked by afk or crash and you get an error it will *cricket* you off or whoever has the problem. And the ques on some servers when you finally get back in after somehow fixing it it takes even longer cause of the damn que. Im done rambling. ANYWAYS, If you have the Error:02010 or any other error problem when you try to launch: Exit Launcher>Unplug your Router for like 10-20 Seconds>Plug it back in>Wait for your internet to come back and you SHOULD be able to log back in and click play. IF it does this again. After you have done it once, Which it will, It did it to me this morning. And i fixed it again. Just unplug and plug your router back in. It should fix it again. It probably keep doing it to me and other people that have this shitty problem. Just do what i said if you get a launch error. It SHOULD fix it. Hope this helps you guys. Oh and i got this info from BladeandSoulOPS on twitter they told me to try this. And it worked. Sooo Your welcome <3 If this didnt fix your problem go to support. Im sorry if this didnt fix it. Like i said IT SHOULD.
  8. Cant bind Macro/Side mouse to Hotkeys.

    Btw in the recent hotfix the AFK Kick has devastated me. And im sure it has for the people that get Error 02010. When trying to launch. If you wanna solve the errors with launching just unplug your router for a few seconds and plug it back in. If it does it again, which it will, It has happened to me. Just unplug and plug the router back whenever it does it. It SHOULD fix it. Ill be posting a 2nd and 3rd thread about this to help people out.
  9. Cant bind Macro/Side mouse to Hotkeys.

    Yesterday when i tried to hotkey my m4 and m5 i would go to click on the place where you click what key so it sets and it does not set, it will set any other key on my keyboard and it would set, but my side mouse macros, m4 and m5 would not. I think this is a bug. If not then it needs to allow side mouse / macro keys. If not i will not play. Macros and side mouse keys are an essential. I would hope this is a bug. I mean why wouldnt we not be able to add macros and side mouse keys. P.S Im getting my ass kicked with no macros. Ill bet your bottom damn dollar i will NOT go to 45 and fight Jin So yun or Jin Varrel or whatever without my macros. LOL. Hope this problem can be fixed. Thanks Staff <3 :D
  10. Simple Question: Will i be able to but Mastery Pack on Dec 24 or 25? That would be the only time i am able to get it. Besides. I WANT THAT DAMN COSTUME!
  11. Crash Issue

    I just installed both. Still doesnt let me launch bns... ffs.
  12. Crash Issue

    Soooo. If i do this it "should" work? same with my problem?
  13. Unable to launch game. Please Help.

    Yep. Customer Support does not help at all... I dont know awhat to do anymore. Honestly. All i can say is that i hope its fixed. By Jan 19th. If not. Ill go to Customer Support again. If they reply with the same thing. Ill just quit. I have had my run in with bad communitys and but customer supports. Well. I mean one Game. ( I mean Jagex's Transformers Universe ) But Besides this. This Community isnt bad i just think support kinda is.
  14. Unable to launch game. Please Help.

    It crashed, and now its doing it again... and No i didnt see a chanage in anything Xaelon. And Gallea. Tbh. Dont Assume the game is broken AF. Its not. Its Closed Beta. These problems were expected.
  15. Unable to launch game. Please Help.

    As of now its working.