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  1. So I recently came back from a good long hiatus. Quit playing before the silverfrost release, back when 45 was the cap and before hongmoon levels were introduced. Now that I've come back, the Poharan server seems just..really desolate. I have characters on both cerulean and crimson but it seems like no one talks in faction chat unless I start a conversation. Otherwise it's usually the run of the mill 'WTB soulstone" or some other such. Why are people so reclusive in this game? I mean, to me, it's not a good sign that a game has such a quiet community. It's good that the bot situati
  2. Just wanted to say that you can let the mobs kill the NPC at the end of the dungeon and still get the drop. I got lucky and got this drop on my second attempt doing the dungeon. Both the first and second time I let the boss and the minions just gang up on the NPC. It "fails" the quest but the dynamic event stays. From there all you have to do is go talk to the NPC up top again and resume the mission. Rinse and repeat. Like I said, I got this on my second attempt and both times I let the NPC die when the boss showed up. Easy enough to farm just time consuming. My friend however farm
  3. This honestly surprises me if it's true. I wouldn't mind seeing a screenshot of your combat log sometime to see how that happened. Unless there is some new hack or so that allows them to attack anyone, I don't get how you were attacked by another player. To address your other points, I know you said you wouldn't respond but I'd at least like to think that some dialogue is capable, how is pvp exactly required? The majority of my soul stones actually comes from me buying them rather than pvp'ing for them or doing the dailies. Yeah, I get the usual 20 per day but on my 2 characters, I
  4. I find it amusing how people seemed to have overlooked my second post explaining how this game can be played with a PvE mindset via crafting. You can run dungeons to farm drops which sell for gold. You can also craft items to sell for gold and buy soul stones. Not everything requires the arena or even the misty woods dailies. Most of the misty woods "pvp" dailies are even PvE so there really isn't much of a leg to stand on. Not to be rude, but the people who are complaining saying the game should be more accommodating towards PvE'ers are the types that want everything handed to the
  5. Didn't know it was that rare. I got it on my first box. Thought it looked cool so I'v wore it. Always wondered where I got it from..
  6. This game has options though. You can farm dungeons and run dailies (non faction dailies) to get money and buy soulstones. PvP is entirely optional in this game. What more can you want? You have to equip an outfit that even alerts you, "Hey other people can kill you. Do you want to equip this outfit?" You can make gold by crafting (I know, I do. I make about 14+ gold per day crafting if not more). You can run dungeons and sell drops or make money. You're essentially throwing a passive tantrum because you can't pve your way to soulstone victory. Hell, even the pvp quests are pve wi
  7. It honestly never ceases to amaze me that when games force a person out of their comfort zone, there are threads like this one. How about the inverse. Why do I have to do pve to get the best in slot soulshields? Why can't I just pvp for everything I need / want? That was satirical, by the way. To put it simply, the game's plot line in the open world has the warring factions vying for resources known as soul stones. It only makes sense that to procure some for yourself you have to do the pvp dailies. Most of the crafting stuff comes from PvE, which makes sense. It also, to me, makes
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