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  1. @Slyce Where/how can I obtain Moonwater Soul? I saw a couple people with it and it gives AP. I tried googling it but it seems like it's Moonwater Soul Shield? @Purestic That's an awesome list! Thanks for the information guys! You guys are great.
  2. So I just came back from hiatus and I am curious.. What are some good ways to make gold now? I left off where these were the dailies - Moonwater/Cinderlands Faction dailies - Blackram Supply Chain - Bloodshade Harbor - The 4 blue dungeons (Skittering, Brighstone, Ogong, and Pigsty) I went through the forums and people were saying doing the story line gives a good amount of gold. I am doing that right now but what are some other ways once I am done? I am not heavily geared like most people because I don't have that much time on my hands. The level 50
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