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  1. Datei mit Chatlog?

    Hallo, gibt es irgendwo eine Datei in der die Chatlogs auf der Festplatte liegen? In der Vergangenheit gab es das offensichtlich mal aber aktuell finde ich nichts. mfg, Wong Fay Hung
  2. I was dashing over the lake in Jade Village when my dash bar emptied shortly before reaching the shore. I was then stuck in the water without being able to get out, whatever I tried, including restarting the game. In the end I was lucky to have the 14 copper pieces to windstride to Jade Village and get out.
  3. The Viridian Stone Trader took the money for the Soul Shield parts in Jade Village. I did not get the parts, though. They never showed up in my inventory. I assume it is a bug caused by the parts having lvl 20 as a requirement and I did not have that yet. I was buying in advance. Expected behavior: I give money, I get items, they show up in my inventory for later use if the level requirement is not met yet.
  4. Way of the blade dancer 3: Unsolvable

    Solved. For all the poor souls that are trying this out and are failing: The distance to the enemy changes the "1" attack. You need to get away a bit and then the 1-4-1 works as intended. This should really, really be documented better in the task description!
  5. The quest "way of the blade dancer", part 3. Asks the player to attack with a 1-4-1 combo. We did this about 20 times and nothing happened. We also tried the 1-4-1 followed by F (stomp) and had no effect. Leaving the area and going back in did not help. Leaving the game and logging back in did not help.
  6. " A requirement of Blade & Soul Closed Beta Test faild to install. Setup will now exit." appeared on install. Trying to install again or rebooting did not work. I uninstalled the 2005 C++ redistributable and rebooted after that to make it work. Note: We have two identical machines with a fresh install of Windows 8.1 and only the drivers installed, the error appeared only on one.
  7. Yungmuk speaks a few sentences in Korean instead of English. It is where the player fights the wooden dummies.