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  1. Need some answers!

    Its on the forum somewhere cant bother to look around more than 5 min sorry. :P
  2. Need some answers!

    All server In NA are shared. EU got their own market wich is shared between their server.
  3. No one cause: 1 its anime inspired 2. BnS was in developement way before avatar came in cinema.
  4. We Need New Payment Methods.

    Use paypal then, if you dont have a credit card then its easy, get one. Sarcasm aside nowaday a CC is most needed for buying online and such.
  5. How do i get Venture Tokens?

    If you are really lucky you can get them with the daily chest from dailys lvl 45.
  6. Yes. the graphic card is strong enough but dont expect to play at High setting in dungeon or crowded places. medium should be fine.
  7. "it's only 40 copper"

    Ya and Im not saying the system is perfect, it isnt. Some stuff is way too expensive when you start lvl 10 premium or not, you need to understand alot about the game otherwise you will be hurting for some money. but overall gold is easy to come by just not until lvl 30 or so.
  8. "it's only 40 copper"

    Daylies on lvl 45 gives out like 5 Gold wich is enough to buy mats. You can craft mats too and make awesome gold. BTW the only thing thats expensive to buy is the moonwater but then again doing your daylies will give you enough gold to buy it. Im not even sure i make 1 gold a day with killing the monsters, its prolly like 50-70 s wich is nothing.
  9. "it's only 40 copper"

    You can get all the gear from the dungeon chest you dont need to buy anything. And BTW at lvl 45 with premium I get like 50 copper on some monsters its almost nothing not only that but its not all monster that gives out money
  10. "it's only 40 copper"

    Does gold gives you DPS? No? Its not P2W then, its pay 2 go faster. BTW playing online game for 10 years dont mean shit. I play online game since like 1998 doesnt make me better or worst than anyone.
  11. "it's only 40 copper"

    Well I won the argument cause you dont offer explanation on why its P2W, you just resort to insult. FYI P2W = ability to buy stuff that makes you stronger (gear and such).
  12. "it's only 40 copper"

    Then again you can get all the gear you need in chest if you farm a bit.
  13. "it's only 40 copper"

    Lol in arena PVP all stat are normalized so gear doesnt matter. For the other gear like breakthroug material you can get it in chest, no need to bid.
  14. "it's only 40 copper"

    Getting more money is not p2w per say cause you can get money elsewhere, like daylies. Its only pay to go faster. BTW i dont know any monster that will give you 4 silver with premium. With premium you get like 50 yo 80 copper from monster in a dungeon.
  15. Quebec represent here! Ya it really sucks but sadly NCSoft cannot do anything about our weak ass Dollard.