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  1. I think the fattest cat option is in Jadestone Village. This is how looks mine:
  2. Lyns have a cute and fragile look, i think that's the main reason why most female players (Me included) choose that race, most of us (Ofc not all) like that kind of stuff, and even the darkest Lyn looks adorable, it is not about being more feminine or not (I mean, don't get me wrong, you can like gore and still like cute things xD), it is more like unlike males that usually like strong or beautiful/sexy characters, female tend to like cute ones. About the class, as a summoner player, i like the class because i like (in bns and in any mmo) to have summons with my characters (I also ha
  3. If you can't choose just one girl... xD Jokes apart...i've recently made a new character (Gon Soul Fighter):
  4. For me...Warlock, but more because i love their skills than because they're "better" (idk which one is better, and i'm planning to play both xD). I would choose based on that tbh, check their skills and play the one that fits your playstyle more. I recently started playing too (Lvl 47), and for now i haven't had any problem in any dungeon even though i mostly play alone, you can block most of the attacks. If i can't do the dungeon alone there's always the cross-server dungeons, which is kinda like play alone because you don't know those people, they just spam attacks until the boss. Idk
  5. These are my characters! My Warlock Nonawa My Summoner Ariasu And my Blade Dancer Namue
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