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  1. Broken classs, How long we must tolerate this?

    I don't know what combos you talk... all I get is while I have 47100 hp... I wish I was hitting at least 10k instead of my 3k sunflowers or 6k thorn strikes. And BD definitely is not the only class I see such "combos".
  2. 2000 key trove results and thoughts

    Well I tried 206 jeys and results seem quite same as all troves, maybe marginaly worse then previous ones. But afterr all it is low amount compared to 2000.
  3. Events are unfair

    By far one of the best events in past.. hmm... at least half year, that actualy provides good revards without NCoin investment
  4. Well for me chance seems reasonable, considering what rewards you can get from leafs...
  5. Classes in need of re-working

    Well I am 45 summoner myself. And was going quite some to arena during this CBT. Was able to beat all classes I met (including a lot of Blade Dancers that are considered OP by some ppl) but could not manage to do anything to assasins (had like 5 or 6 times assassins - all lost, some of them were 18 lvl) :) Hopefully there is any anti-sin class, that rapes them in arena as well. So far for me arena was like: Sin>kungfu>destroyer>bladedancer>rest :) Well if you are loking for balance - there is no game with perfect balance :)
  6. Update error

    Was thinking maybe there was something with my system, since week ago I was able to play - made system restore - did not helped... checked my launcher for Lineage2 - it gave same error. After some research, found that people were changing TCP/Ipv4 servers it sounded weird, but decided to try as well - changed DNS primary to and alternative to . Before they were set to automatically and fame started to download. Hopefully will not get any issues like that anymore... And I do not get it why i have to change anything with DNS in order to download!?! PS if you start downloading and get error in Patch folder of game you should have torrent file, you could try downloading it with torrent program and simply runing launcher afterwards - it might allow to skip problem causing download step, but making it every week can be annoying.
  7. Update error

    Week ago I enjoyed CBT2, but today I was asked to update my client and it ended up like that: < Error Message >> [update error] Cannot download file.Please restart the launcher. If this problem persists, please contact Customer Support at E02018MFIM_RFI0_DDF_D5_6_9/ffffffff Uninstalled launcher, B&S client, checked firewall setings, even turned it off - i get same message. Any suggestions?