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  1. As the title says, I bought some Ncoin and NCsoft charged me double for one transaction. Has anyone ever had the same issue before? (I live in South Africa)
  2. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    Its one of the first things I did, and they already started mentioning the steps you did that I tried already.
  3. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    I just came back to the game yesterday, and I'm having the exact same issue. Is there a definite solution to this?
  4. Gems

    I also have no idea why it has to be 'hongmoon' in the first place!
  5. Gems

    Hongmoon square gems cant be crafted so its only through events. There's one in rotation in the daily dash which you have to convert into a square gem. Otherwise you get 3 doing the main storyline as far as I know, including a ruby gem.
  6. Mistake, or Intentional?

    Those outfits where meant to look like this (the new female versions) from the start.
  7. 90g to mail gems between characters

    I just love how people are defending this move, all I see is just a big middle-finger NC$oft is trowing at us, daring us to quit or swipe.
  8. Starling outfit

    Of course, off to the optometrist then..
  9. Starling outfit

    I'm not sure if I need glasses, but I dont see the merchant selling it in CS. (EU)
  10. How is the playerbase now?

    Still toxic as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  11. 64 Bit Client?

    Well its strange, make sure your launcher is updated.
  12. 64 Bit Client?
  13. 64 Bit Client?

    There's a few topics on this already. In the launcher go to settings top right, and make sure 'Run with 32-bit client' is unchecked (under Game mode).
  14. When you smoke too much weed..

    I baked mine in the oven when it started doing this, good as new (for a few months at least)