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  1. Returning player here, recently started a few days ago. BnS had a few cross dressing costumes back in the store, but when I go to check them, they’re not there anymore. Why?? What happened?? For example, I only see the dark angel one... :(
  2. Ah yes, I really admire people that are like you! ^^ what makes me really feel crept out are the people who are really obsessed in the Japanese, they think that Japan is just anime and not anything else. As a Asian born in the US, I can see why many here like eastern Asia.. its like a special treasure to them xD I shouldn't have searched up that name while at school... owe
  3. Thank you Cestarian for the instructions! Hopefully NCWest is able to have the Eastern voice pack provided within the launcher. They did say they are working hard to get it, and for all of you in the forum, you do know it is really hard to communicate with NCSoft over in Korea right? Language barriers pretty much.. Personally I don't see the english voice acting as a problem. When I saw their first live stream, I thought it was pretty bad but I've noticed that some of the good voice actors from other video games like FF are in here. I think French is really great too (I am learning
  4. Hello, thanks for being nice and asking for a spanish forum.. I'd think its a good idea too. Normally spanish speakers would be really upset without explaining (no offense to you guys, you are really nice!) I wish there was a region of BnS so people would be able to connect with others locally, sadly NCSoft does not have the money to hold all those servers in different places. But don't worry, if we get a lot of players (which we do) and their support, we can do it!
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