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  1. Hi If youre still providing help with getting preset if you would be so king i would want to get my hands on this one:
  2. Im already demotivated as a Des player. Forget the bidding race its hard to find a party in f8 for it. Its mostly whales looking for other whales or getting kicked by someone with worse gear (rift 9 full bt with awakened acc+ awakened cosmic st1) because you dont have holy raven wep. But the most demotivating thing is the cost (lets not talk about other regions cheaper cost because it was probably reduced) but going from raven tree is cheaper (by cheaper i mean 2 times less blood glass than from non raid path) if you look at the prices ppl are bidding. If the transition from dragon/exalted to aransu was not released from the start it would be "easier" to farm those mats.
  3. Got reverted even when i didnt agree to it

    and where is any info about reverting items in the first place? reverting is stupid (its the first game (not even in other regions its possible) that does it in like 15years of playing mmorpgs. If they revert youre wep then its theyre good and naive will and ppl abuse it wanting revert every freaking time wep cost got reduced (i know few ppl from my old clan that did it more than 1 time on the same acc)
  4. [Crimson]Elenion recruiting

    join our disc so we can talk more were more active there than on forum
  5. [Crimson]Elenion recruiting

    reworking in progress
  6. Showroom and Heroic Weapons

    Now that we finally can store heroic weapons in there i have one question. Its possible to add to merchants(or event merchant) old weapons that are now impossible to get because some ppl (me included) discarded them for more storage space in the past? For example the weapon we've got from Yura's letter (i dont remember the name of it maybe if someone still has it can post whats it called) from the quest " The Road to Darkness" when level cap was still 45 and im sure i saw its icon in showroom watching stream recording on youtube. Ive made this thread after support gave me advice that it could double the chances of devs seeing it.
  7. Daily dash after 17th Jan

    Ive asked about medal conversion because we can now use Solar Energy for badges not only medals like you've said. Maybe its impossible but there can be a slim chance they could allow us to exchange it.
  8. Daily dash after 17th Jan

    So as forum and yt vid says the rewards (mostly items for draken accs) will be changed and we can exchange them for new currency. But what about medals? will Courage medals change into Glory and ppl that got Courage now can exchange them to Glory after next maint??
  9. Thanksgiving event

    Hi Everyone is busy leveling and didnt notice but there is one small bug now in game. We cant craft thanksgiving event mats anymore even if they said in stream we can do it till17th.
  10. Thanksgiving event

    my memory can trick me but i think they said we can craft and use wheele till 17 woul need to rewatch the stream but first i need 55 to not lose daily quests ive did yesterday
  11. Thanksgiving event

    probably someone forgot to extend it while maint was one ;/ welp 12 lost if they restart it tomorrow
  12. Upcoming Humble Brag System... off switch?

    Yes they said it that you can do it but still itll lag activating/spamming this crap for you even if you dont see it and they didnt say if its will reset it possition when you do it
  13. HM levels reset ?

    if they didnt reduce it is the same as when we are now at 50. They didnt say anything on stream, twitter, reddit or this forum that hm level exp required to level up is reduced or anything just that new cap is 25hm here you have more info about comparing exp requirement that we have now compare to kr
  14. HM levels reset ?

    Im more interested in the exp req to advance in hm levels. Theyre increasing the max level but if we dont have lowered exp per level (KR has around 30% less exp per level and after main story on new char they have hm12 if to belive reddit) then that new cap is pointless for normal player and its just for mega whales that buy exp charms to show off theyre level
  15. Upcoming Humble Brag System... off switch?

    It was in JP server. But seeing that theyre doing it now here made me remember the nightmares from other games when similar crap feature was spamming all over the screen and lag (by ping and fps drops) in games that my pc was 2-3 time stronger than recommended requirements to run them. Now imagine youre standing in Mushin or Zaiwei when troves is up and whales around you start doing noises.....
  16. compensation time

    ppl that have a lot of time (i assume that hes still in school looking how he wrote that ) and use theyre parents creditcard and never worked will try to be more "mature" and bash ppl that pay for a game even if they can play 1-2h in weekdays (so they have a reason to be mad). Just ignore them ;]
  17. compensation time

    check then monster hunter online ;] if no delays it starts in 2 months

    redeem buy or pay off; clear by payment: to redeem a mortgage. 2. to buy back, as after a tax sale or a mortgage foreclosure. recover (something pledged or mortgaged) by payment or othersatisfaction: to redeem a pawned watch. 4. to exchange (bonds, trading stamps, etc.) for money or goods. 5. to convert (paper money) into specie. 6. to discharge or fulfill (a pledge, promise, etc.). make up for; make amends for; offset (some fault, shortcoming,etc.): His bravery redeemed his youthful idleness.
  19. Hi I see we have again nebula stones but i have just one important question. Are they time limited? I remember a year ago when we had them they had a limited time for us to use them but now there no info ( or im just blind) to when we can use them. On tooltip in game its only "redeemable until" not like before " After the standard Wednesday maintenance on June 22, any remaining Cavern Fungus and Upgrade Nebula Stones will no longer be usable and can safely be sold. Be sure to use them before then!"
  20. Nebula Stone Showdown Event time limit ?

    Thanks PhoenixMitra thead for closing
  21. Nebula Stone Showdown Event time limit ?

    well it says we can redeem them till that date and for me (English is not my first language) it means that i can get them till this date not that they vanish get stolen by Zulia or Bunya or something else till that date. Thats why im a bit confused because a year ago they said that Nebula will no longer be usable after June 22
  22. PC Crash

    had the same problem for a month(from patch 20 jan) 2 weeks ago ive said "enough this shit" and went back to TW no crashes ping high but stable and a lot more fun than here
  23. Help me solve RANDOM crashes

    same here...worked perfectly ( heck ive played 2 days for 8h (counting breaks but i didnt turn of the game....queues) to make 45 ;]) after a patch around Jan 20 game started crashing my pc and after last 2-3 patches im getting weird fps drops in places that should not happen. We need to wait IF they ever fix this or well....just go to another game or region (CN has crap ping but TW is around 200 from eu so its kinda possible to play there)
  24. Help me solve RANDOM crashes

    Lucky you... for me (and some ppl in other thread) it CLOSES entire pc (turns it off) or shows black/green/blue etc screen on monitor and freezes pc for good (only hard reset helps) from what ppl said it can happen form 5 mins to 5 h playtime and you never dont know when itll happen(it crashed my pc (turned it off) after 2h playtime). And fps drops are driving me mad too(started 2-3 patches/minipatches ago)....hey 4 man dung other ppl chars turned of....walking towards portal...bam from 110 fps to 10 for few steps (dont even ask about boss fights) Xeon E3-1230 v3 3,3 16 gb Ram Radeon 7970 OC MSI Z87-G55 Intel Z87 Win 7 Ulti x64 @Edit forgot sometging game started crashing aorund 20 Januarys patch. And im in touch with support about this first they wanted me to reset my TCP/IP and turn off services then updating drivers (updated all drivers and some w7 updates and it helped.....for 1 week when ive played max 2 h per day) and now theyve asked me to run game repair, Atm my cash stoped flowing to ncsoft and im thinking more and more about droping out because whats the point playing a game that crashes my pc (other games can run for hours and they wont crash and especially wont crash my entire pc)?
  25. The game randomly crashes my pc

    really a week ago ? well not for me it seems my gg was launching everytime i hit play and it updated after last patch @EDIT deleting GG folder and launching not using launcher didnt help game still crashed my pc.....temp when crashed: cpu 45 gpu 62. Wierd thing was that market opened in my screen when i was in middle of a boss fight and after than my pc crashed,,,,maybe its related to market (some time ago market was crazy buged)