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  1. i don't see this suggest so i would like to ask everyone how you feel about moving skills around. here one i like to see Gun Slinger right click and left click, as you know left click is to reload bullets ,and Right click is to shoot bullets. mainly everyone uses left click for everything,so why not let us swap skills,Left click shoot bullets and Right click reload this would make it easier to use,and with the option to change it,other players can just leave it right click shoot and left click fire bullets since more you are use it by now. another skill mapping idea is only switch skill that on same row, so you only change 1,2,3,4 with each other,and z,x,c,v with each other
  2. i'm having the same problems,i can't only play for 2 secs then get disconnected, same errors
  3. Character Creation idea

    instead of having universal character creations for all servers,we need individual character creation for all servers. having only 2 slots open for 10 servers not going to work any more with the current increase of people coming in we need to have 2 open slot for each server,this will help more with queues and help make people get a fresh start on new server without deleting and of there chacarters
  4. class pick not too hard depend what you like,races don't effect classes,but there limits to what races have each class if you like range classses lyn race has summoner and force master for summoner you get a pet ,and you control it in battles by making it attack,so like playing two characters for force master you only have your self for melee classes kung fu master,blade dancer,blade master,assasin kung fu master,they said it hard to learn,but it fun to play once get the combos down blade dancer and master both different in there own way.blade dancer which i love playing,high movements skills,non tanking,mostly high dps,and evsion blade master is the tanky version with a blocking move assasin is the stealthy high movement.don't know much esle,beside it can stealth and attack
  5. need Suggestion forum

    i notice that there is no forum put put any changes or updates we want to see,can yall please add one in,i know it not hard to do
  6. can't change eye color when choosing the character or any of the selections ,i think cosmetics are bugged