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  1. only took me 5 times, i just buy essence like 5 at a time until i get it.
  2. Also the leveling is quick as heck which forces players to grind all day and night to get the items they need to upgrade. They really want that cash quick. I wouldnt be surprised if they increased the XP gain for the west. All i see when i play BnS are just customer exploits. I mean buying an item on a character ultimately creates a dilemma. Either buy another slot or delete that toon and the money along with it. Which ultimately means your xp bonus is not being put to good use between the grinding and maintenance.
  3. I've been saying, if they are charging premium price for these costumes they need to make it account bound not treated like any other item. You know how outright stupid and discouraging that is to continue to buy their expensive trash. If they want to make costumes character bound then these costumes need to be 5-7 bucks. And the fact that NCSOFT only allows us to buy in increments for god knows why? Everything about is screaming "LETS DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER TO MILK THE WEST AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE." I'm sorry but after reading that they plan on charging us to use our premium pric
  4. Well obviously they spent those 4 years revising and planning how to abusively milk paying customers out of their cash. When you buy a costume on a a character think of it as being penalized. Because now that character cannot be deleted without deleting your cash, and you ultimately have to buy more slots if you want to try other classes. Oh and let snot forget the 7 day wait.. not 3 but 7... because they are exploiting peoples patience. Nearly everything is based on the hongmoon store. 4 years with missing content and warlock weapons in chest decreasing my % of getting the weapon
  5. The asian version has free wardrobe. You can read a comparison on how the asian version is superior on reddit. It's at the top of all the threads.
  6. <3 If the initial responses against my argument were like yours i think this could have been a lot more constructive. People responding to me as if i verbally assaulted their mothers. When i just want to see a fair hongmoon store, and somehow people think when i say fair they think i mean remove... Especially coming from someone like me who has spent almost 100 bucks on this game already.. All im saying in these simple words is that. If we are being charged premium price for these costumes, i expect them to be treated special and be account bound. I don't understand why some peo
  7. One thing is for sure, the players who spent some serious cash ultimately feel guilty in the end, and then the free base players attack those people not realizing that only a small percentage of players spend cash in f2p games. The people who are giving the devs money to continue making quaity content. Our voices should not be muted because of some ignorant bonehead who can't even concoct a proper argument.
  8. Sorry if i came off hostile, i understand what you're getting at. Like 2/10 complaints are legit. People on here are frustrating me because of the severe lack of their reading comprehension skills. They are confusing restrictions/pricing with buying.... Which really shows how bad our education system is. Believe it or not some people just like to attack negative post because they are white knights and want to believe that this mmo they love is perfect in every way. In there own world you cant improve a system, especially if you're not paying for it. I bet some of the people here w
  9. This isnt about buying this is about restrictions
  10. So all the negative threads you replied with your bullshit all dont concern you so all those people should shut up because the world revolves around you. You have a great character! You intentionally look for bad post to be rude, i complain about problems when they come to me. Really you are out of touch with your own mind. And no way in hell are you proving anything except showing that you can't handle reason.
  11. People like you make me *sigh* Virtual items are not food, and if you could read im asking for less restrictions on things i bought. So when you bought the food did the cashier take your food out of the bag and handed your food bear handed to you? Honestly you make no sense. Here i am bringing in a legitimate concern and your trying to invalidate it because you spend $20 on lunch? I spend more money on games than take out (because i find it hard to believe you spend 20 bucks on lunch everyday and not everyone can do that). Reading your post you pretty much
  12. Eating is different from playing. And how could i spend over 80 bucks on a game if i don't have a job. You sound very childish. The fact that you compared food which is used to sustained life to a virtual item shows your lack of education. I spent 30 bucks on take out yesterday for me and my friends. And whats your point?
  13. Like i said, my thread on the MGO problem was acknowledged by the PR guy (i can give you link to it), and the next day they did exactly what i said which is disable the store/U.I instead of making us wait like the console gamers when the same bug happened, but i gave them legitimate reasons how to handle it. I would be honored to stop complaining and leave if you give me half the money back which i spent because expensive items should not be handled in this sort of fashion. And reading a lot of complaints online i'm trying to bring in legitimate reasons why it is wrong. If
  14. Never heard of these games and i googled rappelz and read about server merging in 2012. Doesn't sound like it's thriving..
  15. so fix the negative or address them? i can legitimately complain about a game i spent money on especially with my background on mmo/mmorpgs if you want me as a paying customer than i should expect better from a "new" game which its main goal is to attract players. And if you read what i wrote you would see i stated my reasons why it's wrong! I haven't seen many people give similar reasons.
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