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  1. Mobs Reseting

    For some reason i think this is gonna be ignored.... RIP Blade and Soul....
  2. Mobs Reseting

    Can a dev/mod take a look at this page???? Because this is a serious problem and i will leave if it not fixed. It's a huge pain in the ass when a mob's HP RESETS 3 TIMES IN A ROW WHEN YOU'RE TRYING TO LEVEL UP! Can we get a reply? Or something? Jesus christ! Don't expect me to keep giving you guys money if you're gonna be lazy as hell. I already gave you hundreds and you're support has been really trashy and unhelpful. I'm about to just leave and try out black desert, if we are just gonna be ignored.
  3. Mobs Reseting

    you're an idiot please leave because you have no clue what you're talking about, if you don't experience this please leave because this is an actual bug.... and i dont see a point in trying to discredit this serious problem.
  4. I would rather see them fix some serious bugs before they continue throwing out crap. For example fix the performance at Grand Harvest Square and fix Mobs HP resetting as warlock/force master. Then they can continue throwing out crap and charging overpriced hongmoon items to us.
  5. Mobs Reseting

    their support doesnt even care, so i dont bother reporting. Last time i sent them a bug and they didnt bother fixing it. No wonder why this game is dying. No one in this 60 man guild i joined is even playing anymore 2-3 people on, and the last two days it has just been me. I'll probably end up leaving too because some of these bugs are way too serious and i feel like they dont even care.
  6. Oathbreaker Vs Siren

    Which one do you recommend?
  7. i agree even though im one of those guys buying all the lewd clothing as soon as they hit the hongmoon store. I'm sure we can get some costume for females that have some armor but also shows lots of skin.
  8. Grand Harvest Square - WTF

    dont worry about it because the event is poorly optimized with the massive amount of players and you dont get credit due to so many players trying to burst it down. My entire party except one person failed it..
  9. +1 i can't believe this isnt a huge issue. All i want to hear from the devs is that they know about it and plan on looking into it immediately!
  10. lot of low fps and stuter at SilverFrost Map

    yea it's happening to a lot of people, including me and my friends.
  11. Assassin or Forcemaster top dps

    FM... assassin doesn't specialize in burst damage like other classes...
  12. yes me and lots of others have our pc freeze for a moment, and im using a gtx 780 and an overclock i5 3570k (3.1) and my fps hits the floor giving me like 4-10fps then the game freezes. The fps is bad even on low... I noticed a lot of poorly done things like mobs HP resetting constantly and they kind of bug out (i believe if you are ranged) I literally was trying to kill a mob in silverfrost as warlock, i cc him, and burst him down, then as soon as he gets out of my cc or when his hp is getting low he just gains back all of his hp. I stood still fighting the same mob for like 5mins and in my head im like wtf, i type in faction chat and people say you have to let the mob hit you so it wont do that.... But the main thing about this patch that annoys me is the fact that the grand square is a total letdown. I think there was a lot of performance loss with this patch. GG WP P.S NCSOFT if you're gonna charge premium price for costumes please put that money towards common sense approaches for content. I still don't understand the reason behind only allowing certain channels to do the event, making the bosses HP so tiny that barely anyone gets anything because of the terrible performance and massive amount of people. I thought you guys had an idea of your average customers PC by now. Maybe use some of your money towards testing? I could have easily, very easily, said that The Grand Harvest Square is a disaster waiting to happen...
  13. New costumes today? (march 25th)

    I'm sorry, but the Jin females on average look better and you can make their body figures 100x better!
  14. everyone is lagging, all a dev has to do is play the game in the NA version with your average NA PC. And they will there are poblems... A good problem that i could use as an example is only allowing a few channels to do the event forcing everyone from all the channels tightly pack and squeeze into them. The bosses have such small hp that even after my burst (i'm no noob im diamond 1v1 warlock, and plat 3v3 tag) i dont get anything at all. The game lags way too much and you can hear the cries and screams of players every time this happens. My friend just said just got so agititated because it was our 3rd attempt and we didn't complete it again and everyone except 1 member was able to kill 2/3 small bosses. The lag is gross even on low on a high end PC it still is very bad in performance. Reallly stupid idea to make a few channels, make bosses with hp so small that one hit from everyone kills the boss and everyone gets nothing, also the fact that there is no 24man raid party? Pretty annoying trying to kill a Grassquatch when nearly every 6 man party dies to him. Welp the only thing now is hope that they acknowledge and comfort us with news of them trying to figure out a way of fixing this. They can start by either increasing the bosses hp (or make the required damage less) or they can increase the number of channels the event is hosted on.