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  1. Evolution Requirements/Costs Problem

    well its funny to see people talking about the income someone makes by crafting when they actually dont even have a clue ^^ so first thing is u dont need the soul warden recipe -> its only used for the better soul shields to enchant others. The next point is that ur calculating a price with Kaolin refiners whats kinda useless imo ... using 380g as price for the prem refiners ? rly ? i pay ~16g to craft 5 refiners :D i mean sure u have to include the recipe price but tbh its not even high ... lets make a new calculation :D i pay 497g - 364g = 133g for 10 stones aka 13.3g a stone and i sell em for 45-50g -> ~350g profit for for the whole craft that means after 2 days i already earn more than i actually payed for the recipe. So what does that tell us ? Yeah its easy -> prices will drop to <20g for 1 stone in a few days cause people are going to undercut like crazy when they make 300% profit ... who cares about 20g when u make 300+ profit for just throwing stuff in the market ^^ and then it will come to the point where stones are getting affordable for everyone and the price will stabalize and u will make 10% profit later on like it was with moonwater stones -> u payed 45g and earned 55g-60g for selling. i started the expension with 600g -> bought recipe for 550 -> now i have 1000g already
  2. Can I beat mushin F8 with..

    Nobody seems to know that u can stun him before the fire aoe starts :/ you just go in the middle and grab him then carry him to the side before he does the aoe .... 1s window in which u can stun him and then grab/dmg him before he starts the fire stuff(he jumps middle then maybe 300-500 ms later u can stun him) - BUT be sure to walk out of the middle or prepare for the fire aoe / cause if ur a frame too late the big aoe(which hits 3 times) will start even though hes stunned This thing works for 2nd and 3rd form u can speed up both kills alot ... i have >2min left when i kill 2nd form and i only use true profane wep / 3rd form i think i had ~ 30s left For other classes ... maybe look if u can knock him out of the center ... but u have push him 16m away so theres prolly nothing u can do bout the fire except using immune potion if u wanna stand in middle and dps
  3. balance patch kommt da noch 1?

    Unser Client bekommt KEINEN balance-patch . Wir sollten noch 1 Skillupdate erhalten, welches allerdings aus ch/kr oder so kommt. Das Update wird allerdings nicht unsere Probleme lösen XD . Das ganze wird ausgeglichen sein, wenn wir lvl 50 und glaube wenigstens hm15 haben und halt dementsprechend viele HM-Skills.
  4. Upgrading Weapon vs Accessories

    i guess ur mixing stuff up atm ^^ so first its awakened weapon then true weapon (so if u have true siren ur already got the max siren weapon) 2. yeah rings and stuff are worth more than 5ap on weapon at least imo 3. (my opinion) upgrading weapon behond true profane isnt worth it for some classes since "True Profane"-Buff is just too good maybe once we have pirate weapons its worth it but not for siren

    wait what ? its the fee u pay for listing an item that is getting reduced .. :/ When i place an item the fee i pay for that is for reduced by 25% so instead of the 10s i mentioned earlier i only payed 7.5s .. just tested it And the post-Sale tax has no explanation in game as far as i know is only the pre-sale tax ^^

    Hmm as far as i know the tax u pay pre-sale is reduced by ur premium rank not the one u pay when withdraw the money from ur mail ?? And then i have no idea what formula u posted there but i suggest u try it like that ^^ so pre-sale fee: 1. the percentage listed when hovering over the questionmark (getting higher when selling bigger stacks) 2. getting reduced by premium bonus post-sale fee: 1. 3% of the profit 2. when u have >100g daily profit here is an additional 1% fee Simple example: Sell 1 Item for 5g00s00c 1. Listing fee : (non premium) 10s - 10/25/50% premium bonus 2. when collecting the money / post-sale (for everyone) : +15s 3. if u already earned >100g : +5s So i would pay -> 30s for a sale without premium So overall u have 6% fee on an auction if u only use stacks with <6 items. And i never saw any changes in the fee when i posted them for a longer time. Edit: oh im sorry, just noticed that the fee u pay for posting the item longer increases only for bigger stacks but its only 55c for posting a stack of 100 for 48h and the actual auction price doesnt seem to matter there
  7. Poharan Daily doesn't complete after killing her.

    1% dmg on her and dont stand up when shes dead i would say means deal 56k dmg .. not that much and then u can pretty much move to the side and wait if u want
  8. Please Fix EU Auction house ...

    plz at least restart the auction house Server or whatever i dont care if its down for 2h ... just make it work again
  9. Attention NCSoft: Relook Premium

    So instead of more expensive stuff in the shop u rather wanna see all the equipment and stuff in there and therefore cheaper costumes and trade pouches ? I dont know but i guess people should just wait for the currency exchange ... which will be coming
  10. Please Fix EU Auction house ...

    What the hell is going on with that ? i mean it almost never works now ... at least for the past 2 days u can maybe search 1-2 items and then it always crashes ... :(
  11. New RNG Box in Shop!

    thats the problem here ... everybody is complaining about something that didnt even happen yet .. the current boxes have nothing exceptional in them .. ok 1 costume but come on guys there are sooo many out there u sure as hell find a different one that looks good and doesnt cost to much in ur opinion
  12. New RNG Box in Shop!

    what is must have in premium membership if i may ask ? trading limit ? -> no problem create an additional char let it run on ur laptop or whatever and u have another 10 slots free (ncsoft confirmed its legit) a bit of money from quests ? sure its nice but nowhere needed to play the game normally wardrobe ? whatever i will never use my costumes except 2-3 that i like ... queue is not even bad atm but whatever have it ur way i - dont care about those boxes - just enjoy the fun gamplay ...
  13. New RNG Box in Shop!

    so a costume is that important to u? what do u want man rly ? u cant expect a game to be COMPLETLY free without anything to earn money .. wow :/ i guess if the costume would be in the store for 8k points or sth without anything to it everyone would still be mad :D
  14. New RNG Box in Shop!

    tell me more ? do u stop playing now because there is an item in the shop that u can easily farm with paying ? edit: lol the accident :D not paying -> "farm by playing the game" was what i meant XD
  15. New RNG Box in Shop!

    cant agree more with u here also the impact of the items people get out of those boxes is so little .. there are over 115k Soulstones and 10k transformation stones sold every day in the EU auction house .. a few hundred people getting some more wont kill the market!! prices might change a bit but whatever then daily quests are ur way to make money not crafting!
  16. New RNG Box in Shop!

    wow and there it is again the gambling addiction argument XD ... i guess its used in every f2p game i ever played if an under-aged kid can pay for the stuff then the parents should really think about what they are doing...
  17. Soul Stone

    u dont actually have to pvp XD there is 1 quest out of 5 or 6 that has actual pvp in it .. rest is pve in an open world pvp environment but u can always switch channels if u meet the opposing faction and dont want to engage
  18. Amazing Game!

    yeah exactly thats how it is right now LOL there is nothing except a costume in that chest that u cant get by JUST PLAYING without spending ANY money .. i didnt invest a anything( after getting founders pack for the headstart and premium because i like the game) and i could fully upgrade 2-3 chars without trouble right now
  19. U would simply need to compare Strings to fit in placeholders so like try sth like this: "" changed to "w$w$w$.e x*.*c%o%m adösl" its still the same substring if u check it like that 1. save all characters 2. compare both strings and save only matching chars 3 after that u have 2 equal strings again 4. If thats more than 50% of the original String its likely to be spam 5. check it with the following messages if more than 5 times the same String is generated its definitly spam 6. maybe check with a spamfilter list but yeah this kinda method is a bit stupid maybe ^^ i prolly wouldnt do it that way its just my first idea when i think about sth like that
  20. I dont know what happened today but i cant really use the acution house anymore :( When i open it i may be able to search 2-3 things and after that its always getting stuck and wont load anymore until i reopen the window ... never had that before. Before u maybe got a timeout or whatever so u have to refresh it maybe once in 20-30 min but now its just unusable and the screen shows just that Is it actually working for anyone in EU right now ? or same problem for all of us ? Oh and i also restarted my router and cleared my DNS cache
  21. noone else has the same problem or what ? i mean i can live with little longer loading times and stuff but its just unusable in its current state ... u cant even post items properly sometimes and have to reopen it after every post ....
  22. RIP Servers again

    im still happy about having premium XD also i dont rly care about a few days with server issues still have a few hundred days left to use my premium to its fullest
  23. RIP Servers again

    haha i know that but he wants to confirm that the eu servers are actually in texas aswell ^^
  24. RIP Servers again

    if u believe what that site tells u then plz tell me how i can possibly get a 21-25ms ping to this server from germany plz ?
  25. RIP Servers again

    The servers we are playing on are in Frankfurt :/ and not in Texas .... the Auction house server should be still in the US as far as i know but ur info for the normal gameserver is wrong ... they are definitly in Frankfurt otherwise i would never get my 25 ms ping btw thats the eu ip u should try to ping : (although its down now)