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  1. 7 days premium?

    Hi bethany, weekly maintenance is done and we still don't find the extra "5 gold" for radiant energy exchange that was promised so does the 7-day premuim. Are we gonna get it today or do we have to wait for next week maintenance? please inform us
  2. 2.1 Shattered Empire – 4/28 Livestream Questions

    We understand that you are rushing patches to catch up to rest of regions for pvp e-sport.But its heavily taxing on PVE players to catch up on gear upgrades given that time between release of new patches and the resources/gold obtainable from dailies is very limited and is barely enough. Questions: 1.Any plans to lessen the frozen stingers required for weapon/accessories upgrades OR Any plans to increase the frozen stingers and gold from dailies?How are you gonna compensate for rushing patches? 2.Why is there RNG to craft Attack power Diamond when there is no RNG on other profession crafts? Why is such heavy penalty on pursuing Radiant Ring profession? 3.When will the character server transfer feature be available? 4.Any ETA on Soul fighter? 5.What is the reason to release this two new dungeons prior to the storyline order ?These new patch dungeons is of ACT 5 if i am not mistaken. 6.Any plans on better balancing both factions in a given server?One faction is always dominant in soulstoneplains and more popular whilst the other faction is just abandoned or filled with bots. 7.Any other alternative ways to farm Moonstone in future than Soulstoneplains ? Its hard to farm them while being in a least populated faction.
  3. Launcher can't download a file

    i got the same issue..haven't figured out yet who to solve it yet.i did send a ticket.
  4. hi guyz, i m really excited to experience Blade and Soul finally. I got my beta key today and have downloaded the client and started it up.Now,one of many issues i am facing is, I m literally stuck after 80mb,have tried to restart it so many times,as soon as i reach 100mb,an error occurs and have to restart it all over again.The error it shows up is "E02018" Second issue is the download speed.i have pretty good internet.however,my download speed drops down rapidly to ~100kbps-200kbps which sucks for me because i can't download fast enough at that rate and loosing valuable limited amount of my beta-game time :( Third issue is,a window pops up showing report bug,however when i try to report it,it fails to send. Hope you guyz try to fix it soon enough. Best Regards.