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  1. SevenDeadlySins - Cardinal Gates

    ok thx for the info will delete now can tell me how to delete since i cannot figure how ? xD
  2. SevenDeadlySins - Cardinal Gates

    OK ok my purpose was to make anyone of there clan PM or whisper me , but since u hate it i will delete it
  3. SevenDeadlySins - Cardinal Gates

    so what iam suppose to do blur the names ?
  4. SevenDeadlySins - Cardinal Gates

    i don't have a problem with there clan , i was just wondering why the rude in answering for just a simple question
  5. Guys from SevensDeadlySins pls respond to this topic cuz i want talk about a player in ur clan
  6. Chat issue

    yes iam having issue , it is like the old bug we had weeks ago , can only talk in whisper and general chat
  7. Game crash after Dragons logo apper

    iam having the same issue , and game was working just fine yeserday , it jus started giving me that crashes today when i tried to log in
  8. Game Crash

    I have been playing normally without any crashes since the game started , but suddenly today i woke up and the client keep crashing at the splash screen right after i click Play , for no reason it just keep crashing over and over , i hope there is fix for this unexpected crash iam getting now
  9. Launcher repair issue

    i have exactly same issue and it was working perfectly fine at CBT1 and that happen to when i wanted to play in EU servers
  10. someone else having same problem ?

    i have issue with the launcher it dosenot want download the repair files which is 85 bytes it is just stuck at 0 %