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  1. "Smells nice, fresh air..." "My nails seems clean and not being damaged as I expected." "I wonder what does my creator (me) think of me, do I look cute? I'm curious..." "Anyone dares to challenge me! Come at me! No fear!"
  2. I wasn't impressed with this outfit but at least it looks nice on my Jin, had a ton of fun with this new class after all :D
  3. Agreed. This is what I'm feeling about, mostly focus on the main story, (which is my reason to play this game) daily quests, gold/craft then log out until waiting for the next update with a new region or something (Act 8 story). Roughly around 1-2 hrs to finish daily quests and F1 to F20 Mushin tower for little extra gold. I just realised how my life is more important than being a hardcore player when I used to be, so I decided to slow down and do casual stuffs/work since this game has already consumed my time.
  4. Long break and got found what I wanted :)
  5. Since the new outfit rotation was scheduled today, I'm officially loving this "After School Special" outfit
  6. Cinematics with my own characters feel so amazing. It`s one of the reasons why I loved this game XD
  7. Totally love this story, probably the best feeling I've ever had it.
  8. Before with school days outfit: After with new class act:
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