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  1. It's amazing how I have no confidence in NCSoft at all, yet they still manage to continually disappoint me.
  2. Until new story is added to the game. It will probably be a while.
  3. As far as event outfits go, many of them have been brought back and offered multiple times, but it is usually only after a couple years have passed. Old cosmetic loot boxes are also still available in exchange for Designer Threads at the Clothing Merchant in Mushin's Tower. Now, outfits gated behind (non-cosmetic) loot boxes rarely reappear. But it makes sense most people wouldn't appreciate wasting potentially hundreds of dollars on RNG only to see it directly available in the shop for $15 later on. x.x; In regards to the Founder's benefits, I don't think it'd be right to give the
  4. I can confirm, Demon Slayer definitely still drops in Drowning Deeps. I just got it today. It was my character's 3rd run, but RNG is RNG; your luck may vary. It is pretty easy to solo with the gear these days, so farming is viable but use your time/luck as you see fit. Happy hunting! Edit: Also, in regard to the question of Divine [Grace] Stones, please do not waste your time or money fusing badges. You can get a Legendary Soul Badge Chest from the Dragon Express (2nd tab) for 30 Solar Energy. If you're playing 3rd spec Warlock, you can choose any. Then buy the Warrior's Soul Badge
  5. I've personally only seen the cosmetic selection boxes drop about five times total since UE4 launched (and I'm counting the accessory boxes), so I think the rate is pretty awful, not to mention you will have to outbid your party members for it instead of just soloing DD. But I agree that farming any outfit is only to be done if you have time to kill, and hoping for the box while already running relevant dailies is probably more practical than running old content. I'd only recommend farming DD to someone who already likes running past dungeons to collect old achievements, etc.
  6. I believe this information is incorrect. To my knowledge, the only dungeons that had their loot removed were the ones that had been part of the daily challenge but were not buffed in the UE4 update, specifically Dreamsong Theater, The Shadowmoor, and Ransacked Treasury. I do not believe the dungeons below this were affected. I have only run Drowning Deeps twice since this topic was brought up, but it DOES still drop soul shields and the Numok Bracelet, so loot has clearly not been removed (as opposed to Ransacked which gave me no box at all). I will have to keep running to see if I get the out
  7. Are you talking about doing the solo version for the raid storyline (orange quest)? There are no special mechanics that I recall; you should be able to kill very quickly. If you're taking too long, maybe finish the yellow storyline to gear up and then finish Raven King afterward. The only reason to do it at all is for the achievement. Alternatively, if you ever see anyone still running Skybreak Spire, you can complete the raid version with a team and it counts toward finishing the story as well.
  8. I have not run Drowning Deeps in a long time so I will have to check the drops there. But I am sure the Seductress/Temptress exchange tickets* still drop in Bloodshade Harbor, though it has always been a fairly low rate. And to my knowledge, the Enchanting Seductress/Temptress versions can still be obtained in Nightshade Harbor as well, but that drop rate is even worse and is a tedious farm. This is how I've gotten the ones I have, since I always do things the cheap way, but it does require some patience and RNG. If you'd rather PvP for it, Belido's suggestion about the merchant is a good choi
  9. You have in no way countered anything I said. I acknowledged in my post that the item may have been available early. But an item being available early is in no way helpful if it also is removed early. The website specifies that the gift will only be available on the 25th for 1 day (which is 24 hours). The Patch Notes were incomplete (at best) as they did not specify the time zone. And if the item could indeed be purchased early, that means the Patch Notes are not only incomplete but actually inaccurate, which was the point of the entire thread.
  10. According to the Patch Notes, the Divine Gift could only be bought specifically on the 25th, so if it was available before then, I didn't hear about it and that was not what was advertised. The real confusion is that the Events Preview news item (all the way back on Dec 2, five days before the Patch Notes) specified the catch: "starting at 12:00 a.m. SERVER TIME." I live on the East coast of the US and it was already gone by 5pm Christmas afternoon when I checked. It's just dumb luck that I had already popped in Xmas Eve night and spotted it. I feel sorry for anyone who lives on the west coast
  11. The "Pet Aura" is the part with the stats, while the "Pet" is just cosmetic. I would not recommend buying any upgrade items or gear off AH until you have finished story. The yellow quests give you tons of gear, including Auras ultimately up to "Unleashed Alpha Pet Aura." You do not want to wear the "Pet" itself. It is a skin which can be applied by Shift+Left Clicking your current Aura (or Left Click and select Manage Equipment), selecting the "Alter Appearance" tab, and inserting your Pet skin from there. Keep in mind, there is a fee for non-Premium members (just like
  12. There is a "Dungeon Master Weapon Selection Chest" that has a (fairly low) chance to drop from any of the F8 daily dungeons (except CS and HM). From there you can choose any dungeon's weapon box, such as the "Locked Dreamsong Weapon Box." I recommend using Hongmoon Brilliant Keys from there because your class weapon is not guaranteed without them. Also, make sure you have already finished the story, which can help you get to GC6. Depending on where you are in the upgrade process, this may be the better option. Just something to consider.
  13. Low level dungeons were removed from the cross server lobby years ago. If you would still like to run them, you will have to enter from their location in the open world (in this case, Viridian Coast). Keep in mind, no one groups for below-cap level (60) content because it is so old and easy, and there is nothing to be gained from running them at level. The story gives you everything you need. If you are interested in farming them for old achievements or cosmetics, I recommend waiting until you are higher and can go back and solo easily.
  14. From the video I linked, it looks like he says the bomb line as you're unlocking the door and before you walk in to talk to him. You should not be using any bombs at all, so throwing is irrelevant. (It looks like you need a target if you do want to throw them tho, but it is not part of the quest.) I am not sure how anything can be obstructing you from walking inside. Can you post a screen shot? This quest has been in the game since launch so I am not sure how it could be broken unless UE4 messed something up.
  15. I saw this old video of Chapter 10. It looks like you need to talk to the npc then escort him to the cages. Does he not let you speak to him while still in the cage?
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