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  1. I was wondering about this as well. I hadn't noticed any swim suits in the shop, and I was hoping the event might provide the opportunity for cosmetics, at the very least a chance to get an old Beach Day for an alt or something.
  2. I actually farmed the Poh cosmetics a few months ago on a couple of my characters and I found the drop rate to be pretty decent. It's certainly way better than the Temptress/Seductress ones from Bloodshade. x.x I'd say it's somewhere around 1/10, maybe 1/20 at most (except for the cat items. that body piece is a myth!). Of course RNG is RNG so your results may differ, but it's a super easy run now at level 60 and I think easier than trying to get Arenas. It's weird that it's not at achievement vendor tho.
  3. Is there any chance your video card drivers might not be up to date?
  4. Did you watch the video of the quest walk-through that was linked above? It's possible you are skipping a step.
  5. Does anyone know: are our current Celestial Peaches going to roll over and still be usable to buy from the merchant after patch or do I need to spend them all now. I'm aware there's not much of use to buy either way, but I'd rather get something rather than nothing. Since peaches are a non-inventory item I wasn't sure whether they'd get the "antiqued" treatment.
  6. Have you looked around your map (M) for a Yellow arrow? Usually there is an NPC near where you left off who can teleport you back in so you can get back on track.
  7. Glad to see I'm not the only one still confused. I had completed past stage 41 on 7 characters and randomly received 3 Soulboost Compensation Bundles (containing 4 Empyrean Spirit Stones each) and 4 Premium Silversteel Support Chests (containing 1 PTS each). I have not removed them from my Received Items b/c I kept thinking more items would show up for the rest of the characters, but nothing. I've seen no announcement or explanation. I have no idea how they determined what they sent and to who.
  8. Have you finished the story? I thought they had added the GC3 weapon to the quest rewards. And you should get lots more free gear from there, even before taking advantage of the Soul Boost event.
  9. You should get a quest letter (J) that lets you unlock specs. I believe it is at lvl 60 HM 7.
  10. I'm not sure where this red screen is. As Belido mentioned, there should be recovery points. If you open your map is there a yellow quest arrow anywhere? Depending on where you got off the quest, it could be on the Iron Shadow, in Solak at the ship's crash site, or maybe in Zaiwei.
  11. Is it possible you missed a step? I watched a quest walk-through video here and you should finish talking with Bunyang by sleeping Soyun's side. Then a few steps later you go outside and teleport to Zaiwei together with the prisoner in tow (interact by using the F key NOT by manually teleporting thru the map). And talk to Bunyang later following events there. If this video doesn't help maybe you can link a screen shot?
  12. Under "Soul Arena," the patch notes said "The Special Character Frame displayed around the character's icon, in the Dungeon/Battleground Lobby, has now been removed," so I do not believe this is a bug. They'll prob add some new way to get portraits in the future. You need to accept the quest from Dojagi before doing the steps necessary to complete the quest. The NPC cannot retroactively give you credit for stuff you've already done. Just remember to accept "Six Years of Adventure" first thing when you log in each day, then do event, then turn in solo dungeon quest. You ma
  13. Koldrak used to be a convenient way to get a fast, easy daily without waiting in LFP, but it's really become a crap-shoot with all the technical issues. I feel like the bare minimum they could do is add a couple of extra time slots. Maybe limit it to 3 runs per character per day if they're worried about devaluing Garnets. Not that extra times would fix the problem, but just that it would give players more opportunities to make up for NCSoft's failure. Edit: I see DyoxEvo made another thread suggesting expanding the queue time to 30 min instead of 10 and I think that could be a help
  14. It's amazing how I have no confidence in NCSoft at all, yet they still manage to continually disappoint me.
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