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  1. Forgive me if I'm blind, but is there info on the exact cost changes to GC/Skyforge 6 and below? The term "price adjustment" has been notorious for actually meaning an increase and I'd like to know if I need to push through some upgrades tonight or wait for the patch.
  2. Outfit Delivery Stamp question

    I obtained my Rebirth from the Admiral's box in a previous event. It shows as "Bound to Account" and has the option to mail between characters for 6 outfit stamps. So as far as I can tell, it should work.
  3. The promised changes are nice and all, but are you still not acknowledging the dungeons below WC? The (massively) increased damage from SSM fireball or DD floor on Boss 1 is totally helping me learn mechs...for dungeons I have literally run 100's of times...to practice for hard modes...that aren't in the game. And before the white knights come in, the issue isn't that I can't complete these (I can); the issue is regression. In an MMORPG, players should never be unable or have a harder time doing today, what they could easily accomplish yesterday. No one wants to feel like their character has moved backwards just because of a badly thought out patch players had no say in.
  4. I personally don't run dungeons any differently when I have Premium, but it is a great time to push through any upgrades I can (discounts are nice!) or redeem any Venture Tokens I have lying around. It's also a good chance to try out any weapon skins you have for basically free (if you're into that). If you're interested in anything in the Premium tab of the Dragon Express (i.e. discounted shield prices) that's worth a look too. Oh! And don't forget to buy your 20 free outfit delivery stamps from the HM coin tab of the cash shop (make sure to buy the 0 coin ones if you want them free). I keep them in my Received Items until I have any spare outfits I want to swap between chars.
  5. Act 4, Chapter 4 - Defeating Dorin

    "CC" is an old school term meaning "crowd control," not a button press. Sorry for the confusion. I mean if someone tells you to "CC" the mob, they mean you need to use a skill that does Daze, Knockdown, or Stun. Which of your skills has these properties depends on your class and build. You will need to read your skills to know which do what. I'm not sure at what level you can access the Hongmoon Training Room (F12) which should teach you the basics of your class. You should have been taught some of this stuff by doing your Purple Quests with Hajoon back in the Viridian Coast. When I was a noobie trying to learn my skills, it helped me to go to the Tome (K) and click "View Icon" down at the bottom. This lets you mouse over and read each of your skills based on key assignment. This can help you see which skills you need to be relying on. With that said, Assassin is one of the more complicated classes in terms of relying on combos and stuff, and I don't have much personal experience with it. Wish I could be more specific. In terms of gear, your outfit does not affect your stats (though you do need to be wearing one), all your defense, crit, etc comes from your soul shields, weapon, and accessories. The storyline should give you everything you need until level cap. I think you should have the full Moonwater shields at this point if not the Silverfrost set. Aaand it took me so long to type this, I see Deadly Intent has already explained some of this, but I'll just post it anyway. =P
  6. Act 4, Chapter 4 - Defeating Dorin

    I had to watch this video to remember who Dorin was (I'm assuming this guy at the end of The Granary is who you mean, around 33:36 in the video). As Cor said, everything in the story should be easily soloable. Is your gear on? Soul shields? Is your weapon broken? You shouldn't need potions. From what I can tell, you only have to get Dorin to about 15% and he stops fighting and then blows himself up. Shadow is one of the Assassin specs, which you can see in your Martial Tome/Skillbook (K). Take a minute to look over your skills. You should have a block (I think it's on 1 for Sin but I don't remember) and you can also use your CC (knockdowns, stun, daze) to get some hits in while he is vulnerable. Keep trying. I have a feeling you either don't have all your gear on or you aren't fully utilizing your skills yet. And yes, following the yellow quests (story) is the best way to level up. Good luck!
  7. Member benefits

    No, wardrobe was never shared between characters and still is not. Each character on your account has their own. But as Grimoir said, some costumes can be mailed between characters with stamps if you really want.
  8. I have no idea what to do

    I'm not sure what you mean by no one there. If you mean players, no one runs level 45 content anymore. If you're interested in farming achievements or cosmetics, I recommend doing it solo after you're at cap when it'll be super easy. If you mean no npcs, the daily and coin exchange npcs are not far from the purple portal.
  9. I have no idea what to do

    In addition to what Grimoir said, I'd add in dealing with your old (pictured) gear... Remove your gems and salvage your weapon; it will give you a new one. The gems should be able to be exchanged through the antiques window for new ones as well. I can't tell what level your accessories are. If they're maxed out [True Boss] they can be salvaged but anything less is ultimately just money lost. Weapons and accessories are now no longer upgraded until you get your legendary. And if you're able to, go ahead and distribute those hongmoon points; 10 in def and the rest in att is a good place to start.
  10. The Sharpshooter shields are Gunslinger's raven soul shields, originally obtained from BT (aka. "Skybreak Spire," the Raven King raid). They can also be bought with Raven Feathers from merchant Wei Ido in Khanda Vihar or even in Celestial Basin. In addition to the quest that gave you 1-5, pieces 6-8 can be obtained from a quest called "Know Thine Enemy: Part 1" (check your blue quest letters), which requires you to run the weeklies "Hall of the Keeper," "Hall of the Templar," "Snowjade Fortress," and "Fallen Aransu School." Good luck getting Halls runs if you're fresh to cap, though. Honestly I wouldn't worry much about Raven shields anyway. You can just work on getting your (better) Fallen shields from merchants such as Suh Seyun at Dasari Gardens Trading Post with Hive Queen Wings.
  11. This change really bothers me too. They bring MSP back only to immediately make it useless again? What am I supposed to do with all my verdant nightstones now? Waste my few lesser demon stones on a merchant I can only talk to between CS bosses? Brilliant. I would have gone ahead and used my nightstones if I had known this change was coming. But no, they ninja remove the usefulness of my hundreds of black rose feathers, frozen orbs, and demon spirit stones and this too. Thanks, NCSoft.
  12. New Idle Animations

    I like most of the animations, tho my des is my least favorite. I've only seen warden do the guitar solo once, and I know I wouldn't particularly like that either if I played that class. Overall I appreciate the new animations, but it seems like they go off a bit too often. I don't know if their frequency is just a temporary boost to show off the new stuff, but if it stays, I think they'll get tiresome quickly, even for the cutest/coolest ones. Also, I'm not sure that un-equipping gear is a viable option. Often I am idling at a boss waiting for my team mates to get in, and I really don't want to risk getting locked into combat without everything on. =P
  13. Them Outfits... Maybe?

    I'm going to have to agree with others here. Wheels of Fate still work; drop rates have always been low from them. You should easily be able to solo all the old level 45 dungeons and below, which all have cosmetics, and even some of the higher dungeons are solo-able now too. In addition, there are always factions outfits, your Sunglasses, and lots of side items.

    I got mine from Shockhog near the faction outpost in Skypetal Plains. I've only done it a couple of times, but on each occasion he dropped two boxes and I got the bracelet from one. So it only took like 2 minutes to get.
  15. I have run MSP many times across 4 chars, back in the old days of MSP and now the new updated version, and I have literally never seen this happen. I'm sure it is possible, but it sounds like a surefire way to guarantee no one ever joins your recruitment in the future. I have only ever seen people kicked for either starting the boss without everyone being ready or for afking at boss spawn. Honestly, I see far too few people getting kicked. Usually it's the leader himself who is afking at spawn, precisely because he knows he can't get kicked. I personally love joining groups with a leader who recruits saying "no afk" and enforces it. It goes a lot faster when half of us aren't having to do all the tedious work. Again, for me this comes down to math. How many times have you been unfairly kicked from a group versus how many times have you been stuck in a group with someone who should have been kicked? Whichever number is bigger shows you which is the bigger problem, and I know which category that has been for me.