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  1. I find the dungeons to be excruciating. I thought the whole idea of having an easy mode was for it to be soloable, but now there is no soloable content (for non-whales) and everything takes 10x as long. I said the same thing back when they first added in the normal/hard mode system- players should never feel like they're progressing backwards, and this patch does just that. I'm not even sure grinding out C2A is worth it, and I can't do it across multiple characters anyway. No one fresh out of the story would be ready for ANY of these dailies (without C2A); even I feel grossly undergeared and I
  2. I was having this issue too. I uninstalled NC Launcher 2 and downloaded a new one. Make sure you're opening it through the correct icon; mine is a Blue square with NC in it. Using the old red game shortcut continued to cause it to bug out. Mine seems to be downloading the game now, so we'll see if it works.
  3. The Game Over outfit was the winner of a design contest and was given away with the Anniversary Event back in January. So no it is not available and it is very rare to see contest outfits offered again. It's possible they may provide a second opportunity for it, but I wouldn't count on it within the year. But, hey, you never know!
  4. I agree that the entitlement mentality has almost completely destroyed the gaming community, but the only way to improve that is for games to be made that have engaging content, reward players for participating in this content, and eradicate the P2W and welfare systems that encourage laziness over effort. If the game was properly managed, it would attract the right kinds of people and the entitled ones would move on after a couple of months. And having more people to actually run dungeons with would do a lot to alleviate the coma that is sitting in the F8 lobby. But it's true that
  5. The attitude of "don't like it, don't do it" is very logical, but it is also why this game has a hemorrhaging playerbase. Letting NCSoft know what we don't like should be seen as helpful. Events should make people want to play more, not burn them out. A larger community would make this game better for everyone, but the current state of B&S (not just events but ALL of it) makes it impossible for me to recommend to people. Which is a shame because the core game is great, it's just squashed under NCSoft's bad management.
  6. I was going to make a whole long post but the core issue is this: Events are supposed to be fun. FUN. Remember that? When was the last time anyone had fun with an event in Blade and Soul? Not that you got something valuable, but that you enjoyed participating in and of itself. Probably never. Events in this game always degenerate into a tedious grind. They become mandatory and are a chore. Normally on MMO's, events are an optional bonus designed to break up the routine. But in B&S, events ARE the routine; one is always running, forcing you onto a never ending treadmill. I feel
  7. I agree with most of this advice but I see no reason to waste your time in Eluvium/Scion's. You should already have the legendary Mystic Badge from running Mushin everyday while getting your Martial Tokens. I also personally see no value in doing Naksun, Yunsang, or Yeoharan regularly. The accessory boxes are stupidly overpriced. I'd just get them from dungeon drops or cores, but I suppose it's personal preference. Autofarm/afk-farm refers to the the specific areas of Ebon Realm and the Primeweald, where the devs in their infinite wisdom added legal botting. I don't do these myself
  8. Shekinah provided an excellent and thorough answer. One small thing I would add is that Bloodstone Fragments can still be useful even to PvE players. The PvP merchant also sells the old Hongmoon Skill items (Achievements > Character > Skills), such as offals and Hongmoon Secret Technique books, which gives you points that can be used to enhance specific skills (K). It's not much but if you have spare fragments lying around, it's free damage.
  9. If you did the event quest seven times, you should have received the stack of 5 Starwheel Tickets in your Received Items on Wednesday after the maintenance (once per account).
  10. As far as I know, the CC purple bracelets can only be bought from Hee Gisang (Oblivion merchant), but he does sell them for 2 different prices, which is what I think Grimoir was referring to. Unrefined Stormsiege/Wildsong/Thundercall Bracelet price 1: 24 Oblivion Fragments OR price 2: 8 Oblivion Fragments + 6 Elder Scales It's still a farm to get 8 but a lot better than 24.
  11. Of course the tickets cannot be used at all after June 16th. I am wondering if the bonus tickets mailed out on May 12th, when the event will be over, can still be transmuted or if only the wheel will still be in effect (May 12 through June 15).
  12. I'm curious about using the extra tickets. Will they allow the transmute recipes to remain through June, or (more likely) will the only use for the extra tickets be still spinning the wheel?
  13. For all damage dealers, including Blade Dancer, I would recommend putting 25 points (the max possible) into HM Focus (which increases your Boss Attack Power) and the rest into Offense (attack power), continuing to add each time you level.
  14. To my knowledge, the Merchant of Wonders was removed from all dungeons below Ransacked Treasury (including being removed from CS and HM) about a year ago. And no they did not ever mention this info in the patch notes. The current version of the Merchant is a chance spawn only in the dungeons Ransacked Treasury or above. When they made this change and added new items to the shop (i.e. the crafting guild cosmetics), it seems they removed the old cosmetics, such as the Oath Token. I don't know for sure if they *are* removed, but I certainly haven't seen them in over a year (again, inadequate patc
  15. Not sure if you're still looking for the answer to this, but by default the Typhoon skill is on the Q button.
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