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  1. Just have to learn to accept the US centric maintenance times, but what I can't get a grip on is this expressing time in Freedom Units. 3.8 hours? What is that in real money? In cups? Furlongs? Hundredweight?

    Aside from the problem of staggering base latency in arenas, whichever server you are on there is a huge amount of jitter covering a huge range. Personally I get 26 manually pinging EU servers, when playing 30-100 wildly swinging world server latency. Arena can be anywhere from 80 in the lobby to 240+ in an actual fight. There seems to be a massive problem with stability of server connections, not their possible, on paper best case momentary latency.
  3. Arena memory leak

    Reported months ago in Promotional Alpha, I know NCWest is just a publisher but I'd also assume this was at some point fixed. Massive frame drops inevitably happening after a handful of arena matches. 120 fps to 15-25 guaranteed, you can only fix it with a client restart. Same issue reported months ago to stony silence. Pile on the state of EU arena with its extremely suspicious latency issues, which match perfectly with a transatlantic virtual instance server, and youre playing at 280ms and 15 fps. This is not ok. The flat refusal to acknowledge the endless topics about arena issues is starting to grate.
  4. This dropped as I killed a random mob that was in my way while walking. Pretty sure its the constantly fighting crowd between the Profane Jiangshi and the wheel of suck associated with it.
  5. What Costume Are You Hoping They Add?

    Korean costume contest winner (ooold one, black white red) Actual armor instead of lingerie, any actual armor
  6. Two Maintenance In One Week?

    Maintenance is understandable, but the times for EU are not. EU maintenance on times selected to minimise disruption in NA is pretty terrible.
  7. Best gems for destroyer?

    Drain on crit, drain on stun/knockdown, attack power, select your favourite terrible 4th option.
  8. References to books/games/movies in B&S

    "If you come at the king, you best not miss" (Ogong daily quest) - Omar Little, The Wire.
  9. My Destroyer.. Need Your Opinion.

    Combine the abilities mentioned in the 2nd paragraph with perseverence and practice, hunt for better soul shield sets to bulk you up, and you will start to fare a lot better.
  10. References to books/games/movies in B&S

    "So long and thanks for all the Fish Monsters" - Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide novels.
  11. He's asking why would anyone ever not talent for group focus regen and damage buff when gripping.
  12. My Destroyer.. Need Your Opinion.

    Ok so, first problem; you are not a tank. Your job is to provide group support due to your paired CC's and your grab, which should be talented to provide 6 seconds of +20 focus per hit and stacking critical buff for your whole group. Group does crazy damage, boss can't hurt anyone. This is why you are there. Without an on demand block, or q/e dodges, you're supposed to have more armor and health to compensate, but the class is still a support DPS. Like usual, this is a pretty horrible model that doesn't really work. Compensate with your searing strike (C), your boneshield (V) and your whirlwind (tab) talented for 60% movespeed and 400% armor. You can also immune attacks with your fury (E). Damage; we can do a ton of it. We get taxed 11 talent points so we can function at a base level (4 lmb, 4 rmb, 3 grab) but that's just how it goes. Look up "destroyer animation cancel" and you will see where the damage comes from pretty fast. Rest of your talents are best spent on utility, focus generation and longevity, examining them with this in mind is probably going to do more for you than a premade talent setup. Obviously this is all PvE specific and ymmv.
  13. Adders Nest - Bandit Queen Outfit

    It's actually Female Gon only.