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  1. Koragg

    Matchmaking Probleme

    es spielen nicht unzählige Leute im 6v6 Gold ranking. Deswegen werden Gold mit Silber gemischt wenn es nicht genug Gold gibt oder die bereits ein Match haben. Liegt daran das du nahe Gold bist. Es heißt außerdem nicht automatisch das du verlierst wenn du gegen Gold spielst. Liegt meist am Team. Dazu muss ich sagen habe ich auch sogut wie nie Glück. Gruß
  2. because they want to force people into 6v6 so that whales have people they can dominate and feel good about themselves.
  3. Personally haven't touched pvp after these changes, i wasn't all that good at pvp before now with these changes i don't even want to bother, GG Dragon Forge stage 3 bracer now useless...
  4. Agree with you most of these skills change around where not needed or necessary, 6 skills have been changed to different hotkeys, WHY??
  5. So with us getting the next raid Vortex temple, comes new mechanics and boss. More specifically the very first boss. Some of you may have looked at some guides and seen that the Ranged tank needs to have a SF buff their HP to 210k, now as the SF skill reads it increases the hp by 50%, yet there is a small problem with it, which is that the HP which gets buffed is the HP you have with out the hp you get from putting points in defense. Which means that if with no points in defense you have 100k hp you will get buffed by 50k, so if you put 20 points in defense and get additional 40k hp bringing y
  6. And here we have a perfect example of what this topic is talking about :) Get real dude, you ever thought that maybe some people play games to have fun and to not have to deal with real life bullshit? Or are you truly incapable of any other thought, yes it's in all MMO's doesn't mean it must be encouraged.
  7. 1)This game is selfishly oriented. 2)PvP Community, and no no matter how much you say to me there isn't a balance in classes, as for summoners main reason it's not balanced is because it's 2v1 how can you get balance in a 2v1 fight... 3)Bot/Spammer/Lag/DC's etc. They influence people. 4)The so called world PvP in general is just a thing that creates cancer in all games. Especially here where there are boses you kill while being flaged for pvp.
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