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  1. Think about it, when u join BT or VT for specific bosses. You use to get locked all the time for entering a dungeon but u never got the kill reward cause it was killed be4 you went in. The same thing goes in weeklies, Technically by pressing 4 you r not in the instance anymore and being in the loading screen your character is joining the instance "again". See it as joining the instance to late or joining an instance who already cleared the boss. Therefore if u happen to die, fine just wait, if usee that to many people have died or u dont have whale dps on your side just press 4 and join them back.
  2. Rush Stun final DD boss

    For those that havnt rlly noticed, After u get sucked if u start walking towards the wall ull get knockbacked against the wall. This way u wont be knocked Down and can instantly SS backwards with a 180 degrees turn and use ur leap/dash stun skills if u have those :3
  3. BD's mystic badge is bugged

    well indeed, just looked it up on the old BD sheets
  4. Anything wind build is better at than lightning?

    Actually your wrong about the draw stance in wind, cause when you have every badge that u need your comb is all about doing the fastest possible burst and not get stuck between the slow Triple RMB + F. You start off with Z + X and spam your F for 3 secs longs Followed by 2 wait till it finished then press 1x RMB+ F 6 secs long After this you go in draw stance C and spam your usuall LMB + F comb now the reason why? Your F in stance form reduces the cd of your Z. which you wanne get back as fast as possible. (Also your 2 reduces your CD on Z on every hit)
  5. Wheres dat "alt friendly" ?

    Also the game wasnt ment to grind your stuff on your main so you can just xfer it to your alt. Your suppose to grind it on your alt incase you dont feel like to then your better off buying them from F5.
  6. Returning player + new BD

    Basicly upgrading pets are only for the show, the 1 pet you should upgrade is called Pet Aura. you can make a Pet Aura to stage 10 then go through your inventory to transmute into an awakaned Pet Aura. You can do this again till stage 10 to get the 25k + hp. Now u noticed alot of people using those Pets on a Pet Aura. Meaning you can use every pet as a skin. Also if im not mistaken you can buy your hongmoonskills from Dragon Express also from your inventory "if you have premium". Lightning build : Seraph late game; in boss fights you will slightly end up doing more dmg compared to Balefull even though the skill reset proc can make your gameplay a bit easier. But honestly both are fine since iv done bale till stage 12 myself. But i do recommend you to switch to seraph if you want to go Riftwalk.
  7. Celestial Basin boss grief

    I just bought another 6 keys with hongmoon coins, so its not just 1 time only, u can buy it every day.