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  1. You banned Force Master from PVP

    https://www.twitch.tv/niisam/clip/PuzzledVivaciousCamelNerfBlueBlaster?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time "fM iS bAD, buFF uS plZ"
  2. Shackled Isles feedback

    Yeah it's nice, except when you meet people that queue at the same time and then team up.
  3. KFM feels awful to play now

    By the way can any other KFM confirm or ideally bother to test whether this: ... is indeed a bug or if it's just me/I'm missing something ?
  4. According to the tooltip Footwork is supposed to give Fire KFMs the Raging Volcano buff on resist, it currently doesn't. The tooltip: After a resist using Footwork: Notice that there's only one fire buff here, that's regular Volcano, the 3 flames are not lit, no evades given. After a resist using Shadow Dance or Backstep: You can see the 2 fire buffs being applied correctly, 3 flames lit, evades given. What this bug means is that we're not getting the 3 evades we're supposed to get after a resist with Footwork, something very important in PvP. Thank you.
  5. KFM feels awful to play now

    You can disable that skill, that has been a feature for a while now. Open your skill page, close the Talent Tab, uncheck the "see enhanced skills" or whatever and then search for that skill, uncheck it, done. My biggest gripes with current KFM, as someone who literally only plays arena, are: - They added animation locks everywhere, we can't even use our movement skills Q/E/SS when we're blocking. They also removed the 2s Stun and Daze immunity on block, okay - No 2RF which is basically what made this class as fun as it was - The removal of Wind Fist makes the Sin matchup as cancerous as it was back on Day 1 - Iron Shoulder is garbage now, takes like 2 seconds to hit, it takes so long in fact that your block's immunity wears off by the time it hits - Wind can't even take the Stun Searing Palm - I have no idea why they thought messing with everyone's muscle memory again was a good idea by swapping 2 and RMB on Wind KFM, especially when Fire remains the same as before in that regard - Who the hell thought it was necessary to move aerial skills to the same button ? The rest of the changes are pretty much trades, some good stuff (the evades overall, pull V etc) and some bad stuff (no 4 CC, resist nerfed on Q/E etc) so I guess it's alright in a sense. Gotta get used to it I guess, I hope the 3rd spec will be nice because right now I don't enjoy my KFM much even if it's arguably stronger than before comparatively to other classes.
  6. Lvl 60 Voucher questions

    To use the voucher on an existing character you have to log on said character, press Escape to bring up all the F1234... options like Dungeon/Arena whatever and there's the voucher icon in there, click on it and go through the process.
  7. Unable to target warlocks without sanctum?

    > Cannot be targeted for 3 seconds.
  8. There's nothing wrong with good players having alts... if they're different classes that is. We have 10 classes on this game so of course people will be attracted to a few of them and there's nothing wrong with that, even if the fact they're amazing PvP players on their main class tends to carry over even on alts for obvious mechanical reasons, you can't really complain about it. However ? The people who have like 5+ alts all of the same class really ruin a lot of people's fun, understandably so, I'm sure it's pretty fun noobstomping in 1v1 or carrying teams in 3v3 that way but in the end it hurts the PvP more than anything. You can smell the irony through the screen when a guy with 7 alts of his main class complains about dead PvP since he's actively participating in that PvP's death. Kind of a vicious circle, good players climb up too fast, queues become too long so they make an alt, new players get wrecked worse than a newcomer on For Honor so they give up on PvP altogether, player pool diminishes so the good PvP player makes another alt, rinse repeat. Fast forward to 2018 and now being 1700 in 3v3 puts you in top 10 comfortably, that's just sad. Now just add to the above the general problems of PvP like class unbalance, stacked premades in low elo and cancerous strats on 3v3 like wallbangs or the overall aerial meta and you've got an understandably dead PvP scene. At this point though it doesn't really matter anymore, too far gone. So, sorry OP but that's just how it is sadly. Try to play when daily challenge has PvP quests on the list, usually that encourages PvE players to go into the Arena so the average skill level drops down a bit. Hope you'll still manage to have some fun !
  9. Grapple for Kung Fu Master?

    Yes ground grapple was removed. However you can still do Aerial > Meteor Slam (Tab), once you unlock that skill ofc.
  10. KFM's Ice Flower not working

    Title. Sometimes Ice Flower just doesn't work, you don't get the protection effect, the animation works correctly but no glowing ice ball above your head, and no ice sheath if you get hit.
  11. XIGNCODE3 ?

    No ms problem here, that being said servers are so trash for this game that I prolly wouldn't notice a difference anyway. However, this thing is intent on not letting me do anything other than play B&S, I literally can't even use Chrome as it instantly shuts it down whenever I try to open a tab or something. Makes waiting for queue pops and stuff insufferable, especially since Arena is d3d. Another day in B&S. EDIT: Lmao it also closes other background programs like Greenshot, JoytoKey and others. foh.
  12. If you compare what KFM lost and gained, and then ask KFM players what they think of those changes, you'll probably get a lot of people saying they got nerfed as much as they got buffed. What we got: - Iron Shoulder damage boost and Chi regen is nice, but it's a skill that is rather hard to hit with. There are tricks to get a hit in such as use the no collision, get through the guy and hit him from behind, if he's actually dumb enough to stay in your vicinity after a block, or out of movement skills/iframes or after purposefully hitting a ground counter, but meh. Again, it's a nice little something but that's it. Reminder that for some reason Iron Shoulder doesn't do anything on KD'd opponent... - Tab escape doesn't daze when you grab someone, no. But it's a nice thing for every class, not to have to spec for grab, it's not really a KFM buff or anything though. - Tab cooldown reduction on LB/R is indeed nice. - 8m SS with agility is also indeed nice, or rather it should've been a given. Still is a competitor for shortest iframe time of all SS in the game. I sometimes get caught before having the time to even use counter, that's how short this shit is. Compare that to BDs or BM whose iframe time lasts so long they can actually "resist" during the first two hits of their 5-point strike if used directly after... - Iframe Avenging fist. Really nice, don't really have anything to say here, it's mighty useful. I wonder why they didn't merge KD and iframe like BDs' Soaring Falcon though. Now let's talk about what we lost: - We lost KD avenging fist, which makes fighting some classes harder than it used to. KFM is now the only class in the game with BM that has no realistic way to block defensive skills for a time, our only way is to successfully use an armbar, aka good luck with that past silver. BMs at least have def pen on like... half their skills. - Can't use Tiger Strike and 2RF at the same time anymore, aka we simply cannot play outside of Tab range anymore. And by play I mean inflict significant damage, sure you can use ranged swift strike, but the damage is so bad you might as well not bother. And the upcoming windfist has the same damage as ranged swift strike so it's not gonna get any better. - Swift Strike damage, back then we had the damage version and the def pen version merged, now it's either damage or range+def pen. - Grapple but no one in their right mind actually used it anyway. There are hidden buffs, such as normal triple kick being triggered on SS unlike before, and also by C iframe. Which for some reason is not indicated in the skill book. I do think KFM overall got slightly buffed, but the problem comes when you compare it to what some other classes got. Finally got some hope reading the latest patch notes because Ice Flower apparently has it's CD reduced to 24 seconds and range increased to 30m (I'm guessing the freeze effect) which will be immensely useful, now we'll actually have a safe opener without wasting high cooldown skills, and we might be able to actually use the freezing effect offensively, we'll see. Look at FMs changes, honestly doubt anyone'll be able to call them weak anymore. Glacial Beam/Force Blast stun CD reduced to 24s from 36s, dashes CD reduced, if SS used when not CC'd the CD is only 12 seconds, which makes it usable offensively (like during grabs to get freeze on the opponent) without risking too much. Anyway, while it can be frustrating at times, KFM is still the funniest class to use for me~
  13. HM skills requirements changed ?

    I guess, but it's too vital of a skill so I bought it with Zen beans, thankfully it was just 6 tokens and a few medals. But yeah it could be super annoying if the requirement changed to "get volume 3" which costs a hell of a lot more. So BDs too huh ? Stage 1 Counter was the PvP one with 1s immunity and 2s daze/stun immunity. Stage 3 was the now removed 6s CD counter that stunned for 2 seconds IIRC. We're left with threat increase 1hit immunity, the old stage 1 with 1s immunity and elbow. But yeah, hopefully we'll get a word on this at some point. My HM Swift Strike (2) is also changed, I can't use the HM version of it because it now requires "Tiger Strike" HM skill, which is stupid since they're different skills, different builds, altogether... But hey, big updates come packed with lots of bugs.
  14. HM skills requirements changed ?

    You don"t understand. I USED to have this HM skill, I used it for months, but apparently the requirements to get it changed so now I don't have it anymore. Yeah I can use the non-HM version, but I'd like to know why I lost the skill in the first place, if it's intended or what.
  15. HM skills that I used to be able to equip are now unavailable, and no, I'm aware of the elemental restriction, it's not that. For instance as a KFM I was using the "PvP oriented" Counter that gave me 1s immunity on block until now. Problem is I can't use it anymore since apparently the requirement to unlock that skill changed to something I don't have. Hilarious that I also need a "Tiger Strike" achievement to unlock the HM skill of Ranged Swift Strike... That supposed to happen or is it just a screw-up ? Sure hope I don't need to farm just to get back a skill I've been using no problem for months already.