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  1. Hi ! As Title says, I'm looking for a Clan (or static Group) with a spot for me in VT / BT. Primarily Vortex Temple and Scions. Stats: 986 AP Blade Dancer, Raven 6, Full BT SS, Both BT ACCs, awakend Soul, max. bracelet. etc. I'm available for Raids from Friday to Sunday. Or under the week at 19pm. I'm accurate, honest and never cheat. I'm playingBnS since beta. Discord/Teamspeak available. Please PM me if you need a strong BD in your VT/BT raids. Thanks for reading, Cya!
  2. I'm here to say thank you for bringing it back. Now that I'm aware of that it has an emote I will definetly buy a copy. What about Ploggle Costume? Does it have an Emote too that wasn't mentioned anywhere or just a false rumour? And what about all the old RNG Costumes, please consider having a player's choice more often. My sweethearts wardrobe still misses: Spring Breeze (RNG-Box, Player's choice but not won) Red (Poharan) Gankplank Style Hair (RNG-Box) Cooling Off Shades (RNG-Box) Countdown (RNG-Box) Dragonfall (Tro
  3. Bosses in Basin need way more hitpoints, they melt like icecream in the sun ...
  4. That! If i would have known that Sweat Treat and Ploggle have a dance, i would have bought both ... but I've heard of it far after there where gone ... *sadface* And it would be even more nice, if we could use these emotes without having to wear it, Why not unlock it after purchase or wearing the costumes for first time and from that moment on its add to the characters emote list. Please forward this.
  5. Well, I hate content blocked behind this ****. So my wardrobe is missing: "Spring Breeze", "Red Gankplank Style Hair", " Cooling Off Shades", "Countdown" and after this spring-box maybe I can add "Revolution" to the list. I bought every box released as much as I could reasonable effort ... but never was as lucky as my mates (most of 'em got these outfits, even if they don't wanted it and bought half as much as me). I'm disappointed about this since the release of the first box which contained "Black padded coat" back in time. After ~6month and a vote I wa
  6. fixed 100 < configuration < automatic adjusts and updates over time sure all in for automatic settings, but having it conf instead of no option ... i still prefere conf.
  7. I second that. If it helps ppl to tackle with high pings, why not? Seems nobody get's harmed, if we can chose global latency ourself in a predefined range of 100 or above.
  8. When rapid changing characters (under ~1.5 minutes) the client crashes/close or stuck in infinite loading screen. Can't tell how annoying it is to restart client every time again and typing in security credentials... wasting so much time.
  9. I don't mindlessy buy into something. As if most of the playerbase knew that this reduction would be so early and so big ... I bed most of us didnt expect this. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against a reduction, but the timing is utterly bad. Making a trove after reduction wouldnt be such a fuss, but other wayaround smell. Last, Would you please stop assuming things about me, thank you. You don't know me and failed twice to put me in some kind of category.
  10. I play 2-3 under the week and a bit more on weekends. I have a Fulltime job, if you know what this is. And that's why I'm mad/disappointed, when my money gets flushed down the toilet.
  11. So upgrading legendary between s1 and s7 is elite? I don't think so. On top, I payed some money on trove to compensate my lack of playtime ('cause fulltime job) to achieve this and to keep up withthe rest. I would never have done this to begin with, if i knew this before/while trove event. And here is the catch. From my point of view your impression is wrong. I'm mad and feel kinda scammed. I would appreciate some compensation for this. The support will revert upgraded weapon only within 7 days, very clever to announce the true reduction cost 1 week after trov
  12. It breaks down to: "Dont' invest money" your invested value will be inflationed superfast. "Don't upgrade gear" you will get all nearly free/cheap with some patience. "Don't buy/upgrade gems", soon event will give you some for free/cheap. Why even bother to play, just login to collect the recent goodies and logoff to play some other game. Seriously, why should people continue playing? The mood is: Just wait for next reduction or event to get all the things people grinding for cheap and fast. In between it's not worth playing (grinding the same dungeons
  13. I aggree and totally support this Idea. There should be some kind of compensation for the people who recently(!) upgraded with the trove event, lot's of money and thousands of gold got invested in gears and made now obsolet and worthless with upcoming patch. To be more specific: People who upgraded within the braket of legendary s1-s7, they got only 3 weeks to enjoy there commitment before everyone else can jump up or even surpass those for free. Does that sound fair in any way? Thats not a fair move and as a customer I'm very disappointet. Next Time please do reductio
  14. Maybe right before a trove and not directly after it. Money has a value and noone likes to see his/her hard earned bucks devalued by such a move. Fair customer treatment looks different.
  15. Sorry, but i would like to see your face impression, if you instead had recently spend money or thousounds of gold gearing up and recognize 1 week later that you can achieve the same in next 2 weeks for literally nothing. No sane person would have upgraded with trove event, if that change would be known ahead. Everyone would have sitting on their money/gold. So would I. I'm asking support by now for a rollback of my gear. I can imagine the answer ...
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