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  1. True Friend only works if you have your summon up alive and not CC'd, so no, it's not X. Most likely he's using ranged attacks and attacking him when he's inside Petal Storm.
  2. Is Alley Cat's description incorrect?

    It's correct, it's just that the skill do tons of more modifications on your cat and it's just kind of funny that's the only line that exist there when there is a few more interesting things to note, eg one more offensive with crit, the other more defensive with def and defensive stats, beside taking different amonth of lesser boss damage.
  3. Playing in NA and EU with the same account?

    No you can swap around whenever, keep in mind that each region is completely separated thought.
  4. Questions about staple skills and their use

    Poh never moves as long as her targets is more then 10 meters from here, so a Summoner is in fact one of the best classes to actually tank poh, make sure that when you pull agro to stand 10+ meters away, and all you need to do at this point is walk around her to avoid pretty much everything she has to offer. If you get closer then 10 meters thought, she will start to jump around crazy and start to CC you and the like.
  5. Q, E, and S *Action Buttons*

    When those skills are on cool down you find them in your cool down tracker, by default it's one of the 3 bars on the left side of your screen so it's not exactly hard to keep track on skills that's on cooldown, I recommend you figure out which one of the 3 bars it is, put it in a place you can easily see to keep track of your cool downs.
  6. It works, have been using it many times to kick players in groups who is AFK and the like, the thing is _EVERYONE_ beside the person you kick need to Vote (Click the same option in the menu), if one do not do it, he won't be kicked, sadly quite often there is always some random dude not following or bothering to follow the instructions, but when peoples do they get kicked. Also there i a 30 sec timer between each kick if you need to kick more then one, ( in terms of many Disconnects, or you can wait 5 min for them to drop ) There is also a 2 min timer if you just invited someone in the party as well, worth to know before you can kick someone.
  7. Do faction dalies, thats how you gain most point early, you can start with the ones in the desert area, will take you 2 days if you do all quests in that entire zone.
  8. You do know this is already in game right? Click on a player in the party list, click on ... Click Vote kick, tell the rest of the pary, said person won't be kicked before all other in the group have voted to kick him.
  9. How do you make money in this game?

    You can get between 5-7 gold doing dalies at 45 every day, not all dalies get gold directly, some give items that sell decently ( keys ) and so on, and that's about it right now, you might be somewhat lucky on crafting but it's not that super effective always either.