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  1. Front and back picture. Grats to everyone that managed to get one!
  2. Warlock boss fights

    You know there's a pretty cool skill called Quell on your skillbar.
  3. Already needs a hard nerf..

    There are less then 50 plat warlocks on EU, atm I'm ranked #29 lock while being #2500 over all classes. So I would not say it's an easy class and it will only get worse once lvl 50 HM skills comes out.
  4. This class is pathetic at PvP, stay away from it

    My ranking I don't feel like lock is too bad tbh, it's just really really punishing if you *cricket* up your Time Distortion. Just like kfm if the enemy gets caught without his trinket he'll get nuked from 100 to 0.
  5. Help vs Junghado

    You can block his red charge with 1, no need to save z for that.
  6. What the frak does GameGuard DO?!?

    Annoy the *cricket* out of people. That's pretty much all it does.
  7. Pay and soul? Which direction is NA taking

    He also said that the NA/EU version does not seem to go the P2W route like korea does.
  8. I'm not sure what wow you've been playing but back when I played there were a lot of BIS items coming from pve that were either boe or could be bought via bidding raids or guild carries. Stuff like Grim Toll, solace, death bringers will, darkmoon cards, unheeded warning and not to mention shadowmourne.
  9. Afraid to make a Warlock

    Wat? KFM is one of the strongest classes atm.
  10. LBM Stats? And Wind vs Lightning (pve)

    You won't reach a softcap anytime soon so no reason to worry about it.
  11. BM's! Don't buy Hongmoon skill: Lightening Draw

    I have 400g atm, so pretty close. Tho it only cost 300 on EU atm.
  12. Daily Dash 02.06 - 04.06

    leveling to lvl 45 can be done in a day so the wast majority of the playerbase are level 45. Furthermore there's nothing really needed for leveling as you get pretty much everything you'd ever need from surveys.
  13. Market prices going up

    It's basic supply/demand. Pre patch supply was high and demand was low due to everyone staying on profane. After patch supply is lowered and demand is higher due to everyone and their mother now wants to get true pirate stuff.
  14. EU Server Latency is a joke.

    I'm not whiteknighting, I'm one of the first people on this forum that started to ask NCsoft to fix their shit when it comes to the servers back in the cbt's. Still saying that someone or a whole group of people should get a severe illness is not ok, and banning you were the right move from them.