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  1. Lags are worse and worse

    At some point I got the same problem (though it happened quite some time ago), I had to find some older drivers for my graphics card - that seemed to help. Also, what you experience is not a lag, it is fps drop :) Lags are network problems when you experience skill delays, pull backs and etc.
  2. Can I use WTfast?

    Just try out some options (WTFast, Mudfish, Battleping, ReduceTheLag), it's pretty much impossible to predict which one will help you in particular. Oh, and don't expect any of those to decrease your ping from 200 to 50ms - it just won't happen, you'll get 120-150ms at best.
  3. Just to make sure what exactly they consider "lewd", can you tell who the anime char is? I kinda wanted to post a pic of Kiryuin Satsuki in Junketsu outfit, now I'm in doubts... Also, it might be some ppl actually reporting you, so NC just took action according to other ppl point of view...
  4. Don't bother explaining. I tried and only got my replies removed lol
  5. Fm or Assassin

    Oh, gosh, that is sad. I have 15 FPS or even a bit less on crowded BW with Ctrl+f on xD Will it be fine with Dark Build? And thanks for the explanation!
  6. Fm or Assassin

    Sorry to bump into someone else's thread, but I'm somewhat curious on the topic as well. Can you please elaborate on FPS problem for assassins? Like how much do you need to have to be a successful assassin? I play on a laptop and while it's more than enough for my FM, I'm not so sure if it's enough for a melee class...
  7. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    Oh, okay, ty. Maybe OP's just trolling us xD
  8. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    So uh... are they sending them out in waves or am I the only one without this reward?
  9. Ranged or get out?

    But those mentioned skills are frontal AoEs. If you stand behind BW, they do not really affect you - that is what I am curious about. Surely, if there's no tank it becomes a mess, but it becomes a mess for everyone, since BW pulls every1 around it (including ranged classes), dazes and stomps them right away. It hurts a lot on a ranged class... Also, those poison puddles everywhere... No room for ranged class to kite or w/e.
  10. Ranged or get out?

    Erm... this is so wrong... Most bosses have approach skills with CC. If you are not insanely overgeared, you'd still have to know when to freeze yourself/CC the boss/iframe an attack otherwise you risk getting 70% HP down in an instant. I seriously want to watch a vid of 300AP FM key-smashing through the 7th floor at MT without any regard to attack pattern. It's not that simple even with 350AP. Though I do agree that there are some encounters easier for ranged classes. Well, this really varies from person to person. I like seeing BMs tanking. I agree about terrors, since they are somewhat unpredictable. But a few days ago I just stood a few steps behind melees on BW and used SS to escape the roar with my FM and WL. How is that different from melees other than the tank? Just curious, no offense intended.
  11. About in-game ERP services

    This topic is pure gold. Also... wat?
  12. The fuss is about the initial post being unclear. It states that they are removing "unintended file formats" which has nothing to do with offensive pictures. People just assume that this is about removing .gifs only, which is overall a very questionable decision in any event. If it's about nudity - people will post nude .jpegs anyway, if it's about huge file sizes - just put file size restriction policy. Otherwise they might have meant something completely different, like disabling an ability to upload anything made outside of the game client. Which, I think, will at least serve it's purpose. Though, wait. Then ppl will just use nude mods and post offensive pictures made in-game ._.
  13. RIP Profile Gifs

    I'll never believe that this game's playerbase mostly uses their cellphones to connect. Weird that the minority wins over the majority. Moreover, they can just restrict file sizes. It isn't that hard, right? Mine was like 180KB with some space to make it even smaller - is it such a huge traffic drain for you as well? That was the point of my initial post anyway.
  14. rewards

    /sigh Yet another topic on this... In short: no one did and no one knows why. Someone mentioned that it can even take up to 36 hours.
  15. Mushin tower floor 7

    I'll just leave it here: Insane FM And no, I cannot do it myself, I had 380AP and 40% crit when I first killed him.