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  1. HM Pellet(Crimson)Yura server

    We only have 1 left in there, and some people dont like to do the pvp for bravery coins i dont mind it but crafting it was easier xD
  2. HM Pellet(Crimson)Yura server

    We invite them to clan we have them deposit money to faction and promote to veteran so they can grab the item
  3. HM Pellet(Crimson)Yura server

    Selling 1 HM pellet for 80g leave message with my main ShimoKama or my buddy Physis if you want it. Money will go straight into our clan for costume design :)
  4. The issue I have with destroyers are the ones that just spam the regular spin. somehow they resist all no cc works and apparently the cool down doesn't exist. pretty sure it's bots but meh
  5. For those of you planning to quit to RO...

    reading all this i find it funny someone else here played perfect world lol. I played it til 2008 everyday til this game released i played this game in CBT. Id rather go back and play on my bm on Etherblade server of PWI than try that new RO game. if i wanted an afk lazy game i already got that on my HD LOLOLOL. I wish everyone good luck with ignoring all the bots we had in the early stages of this game :)
  6. crafting aquamarine

    patch notes says we will be able to transmute it but i didnt see it added so who knows whats gonna happen
  7. Amethyst Gems

    the patch notes says we can transmute the sparkling hongmoon hexagonal amethyst but i cannot find it in there the heptagonals are in there still of course. I hope i wasnt only one looking forward to being able to make one.
  8. Breeze Weapon

    Still using True Pirate Weapon on my main character was wondering if sockets still reset when you upgrade to true breeze and if they do how many gem hammers are needed to get back up to 4 sockets. Im from Iksanun server so you can message me on LadyBlood in the next few hours while im doing daily challenges as well if I don't reply here.
  9. Server down?

    yes please, I don't want to lose out of my material bags D:
  10. Server down?

    Did the game die for anyone else too? I also keep getting an error message and launcher wont come up.
  11. hello

    Hello even though I swore I wouldn't post on here again after attacking a player attacking the rest of us resulting in a ban, I had a question for the people in the silverfrost area. Other than hoping to not get creamed at the new faction quests area by opposite side. Is there anything else to look at for? I normally do quests alone or with 1 or 2 more friends on iksanun. Also I heard the bosses their drop moonstone boxes what is the bosses name?
  12. You my good sir are right about the definition. However, you are wrong about the game. There is no weapons or gear other than keys and cosmetics to get you the best gear set in game in the cash shop. Yes these books costs lots now, yes it's hard to compete with people who sell ncoin for gold. I'm sure you have 3 good geared friends to run with and if you don't soak up the absurd money people bid for these items and fill up your pocket. I've played other games where it was indeed pay to win such as perfect world international. And let me tell you this gold isn't that rare. On one toon you can make close to 15 gold a day and if you have time that adds up on multiple toons. Now this is saying you're not too cheap to get premium. Maybe you should play a p2w game before your weeaboo side kicks in because it just seems you lack the initiative to do anything and just want shit handed to you. This isn't a private server want that stuff go find one and leave.
  13. or my personal favorite, locate the bots and account ban and or IP ban
  14. Bots Are Getting insane.

    they really need to give us a kick bot button for cross server and actually do something about the macros aka bots like they said they would in the twitch feed before the game came out its just getting ridiculous.
  15. Is chat broken again?

    Yeah I was gonna go cross server and run my supply chain daily but guess I'll level my alt.