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  1. blade and soul debugger error

    at the bottom right of its icon, right click it and it should say "temporarily disable avg". Yes thank you though, this actually worked for me too
  2. Faction balance

    Agreed Flossy, for example playing on Mushin, it's pretty damn annoying when beyond half the active players of the server are all on cerulean. I can't farm anywhere let alone even talk to NPC's since in almost every channel or so, there'll be 5-10 people in each area ganging up on you. Basically being deprived here of doing anything faction related, the most im getting from crimson rn if anything is the convenience of their windstride portals lmao.
  3. Agreed, not only the fact should it not be limited to one character.. but it's extremely annoying when the outfits in the cash shop items are limited to 1 char too, then you gotta pay approx 10$ for almost every outfit, for every character. I'm only being biased in this sense that I am comparing it to GW2 where if you buy the pack they have, every character can claim it in their mail for limited amount of time, and if you buy the cash shop outfit, then EVERY char can have it too. The issue with my statement is the wardrobe system simply because it does not include some outfits, and some outfits can't be worn by other classes / sex. haha felt like i could throw that in this discussion. Similar to what @keelzyou was saying. They do this feature in elsword w/ the bank system, extremely helpful and convenient. Talk to the bank NPC, select character, and it'll open up their bank for you.
  4. Arena issues

    lol just read this entire topic, it's pretty amazing how hard it is for people to understand what balance is, especially by definition. If you really want to play a game where your stats matter, but also get reduced for the sake of pvp and not equivalent to anyone elses, where you can be rank 1 because you have the best gear in the game, then go try out elsword or WoW to understand this statement lmao. They follow the system that you (people who want stats to matter in 1v1) are arguing for where your stats will affect pvp. In that game's community, this is considered getting gear carried. Where I can 1v1 as a lvl 45 for example, vs a lvl 3 and he will never be able to win because it's literally impossible for him to kill me with only 3 damage attacks, and I hit him for 5k per hit. That's essentially what would happen in this game if gear was allowed in the arena setting, exactly like in OWPvP. It causes an imbalance since NO SKILL is required to win. There'd literally be no strategy or thought process involved to fighting someone in pvp if you can simply 100-0 him in 3 hits or less, no combo involved, or skills necessary - just LMB and win game. Mostlikely, this argument is simply cause you probably want your "hard efforts" to matter, and/or cause you're bad and probably make excuses like "omfg if only i had my 50khp stats and 10k dmage crits vs this lvl 1".Lol get gud, literally, make your "hard efforts" turn into how good you can utilize your skills w/ this game's mechanics. If you're saying reaching lvl 45 is pointless, then please get rid of the skills and skill points you've unlocked for pvp. There's already a huge advantage having more sps invested into your skills in comparison to lower lvls.
  5. Harder Better Faster Stronger Bugged

    When you buy the fan for him, he's on top of building outside of the sand village, on top of those worn down houses. You find these lynns and they fly to him, you follow them. But yeah maybe he was nowhere to be found
  6. About Kungfu Master fist dance BUG

    Do you mean flurry, where you hit 4 times? If so, it does work. I've used all the resists for KFM; they're all functional.
  7. Sprint / Joke

    /joke doesn't work, i tried to do the quest in that lvl 40+ beach area but the command just doesn't work in general, so i can't do it. SPRINT, combat mode for some reason infinitely locks for me until i use another ability, even 10 mins later (i afked to find myself still in combat mode, in a cleared dungeon never being attacked). Don't know why, just like last cbt, still correlates most to using the LMB in fight, and pushing shift for whatever reason and sprint getting locked. Anyway hopes this gets fixed.
  8. Sprint / Permanent combat bug

    During several instances in which I was combating monsters, I found myself unable to sprint for a few several minutes, wondering why I can't use my sprint after out of combat for X amount of time. I have noticed that when I (primarily) use my LMB and push the sprint button during the fight, I cannot sprint until I either: 1. Enter combat again or 2. use an ability (that's not LMB/RMB) to cancel it out and leave me out of combat. This has occurred with other abilities, not just LMB, but if anything LMB instances happened the most for me.