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  1. How is paying the money to create and air an advertisement desperate? If anything it sounds like they're doing pretty *cricket*ing well, considering how much people complain :Y Not defending any faults, and shit going on in the game, but lol, your logic is flawed "Oh man those superbowl commercials must mean doritos is SUPER desperate for people to buy their shit!!!"
  2. Junghado because he's beautiful,and loyal, and I am counted as one of his most trustworthy allies after knowing me for 5 minutes Yehara, she's just...great. I love her. I can't remember his name bc im bad with names but the leader of the Lumang syndicate, I love him. And honestly O love Namsoslut, and all her horribleness. She's just a horrible *cricket*, and I love that about her. Not everyone has to be sunshine and rainbows to be an enjoyable character. Love to hate her, and enjoy her regardless. Captain and only member of the Namsoyoo fanclub
  3. They were there for me, so I don't know if it's a bug or something else? :( You have to go to the supply tab though
  4. You can buy the keys and expansion tickets with hm coins, I feel like this is also just a gold sink,in some ways, which is why it costs gold But Gold isn't that hard to earn in the game rn, and it's a completely free event, I bought three keys randomly with the hm token I got from the daily dash, so it's not THAT bad imo
  5. The event itself was in all regions of the games, so saying it's just na/eu bns is kinda false.
  6. Call the exorcist that girl is possessed by somethin nasty
  7. I'm not twisting anything that I've said LOL If you want to leave because you have no interest, then do it. I offered an alternative because you complained about the amount of time it requires to get geared, and someone else quoted. I was responding to someone else completely at that point. I don't care what you do, and if you leave, cool, whatever. I can accept that you don't want to stick around, and that not everyone wants to grind a character they don't wanna play. My first post was a suggestion to gather mats, when there was no indication that you had spent time prior to doin
  8. My point is why cry about waiting for the class when you can use the time to AHEAD OF TIME gather materials needed to get your chi master Siren right off the bat. So many of the mats are available, and the only thing you would have to do, is run dungeons for weapons, and farm some bsh, and e. fleet for weapons. And no, I wasn't in WL threads telling people to chill, because I took about a 3 week break from bns around the time the threads were up, and realized I had to play catch up, and am still catching up, but that's my own fault. This problems is no different than people l
  9. Except I've seen plenty of people in faction talking about how they were framing things for their wl. I get that people don't want to wait, but it's like 2-3 months at most, and considering all of the content can be done easily in pirate weapons (not even True, tbh) It wouldn't be TOO much "wasted" time on gearing, to clear content, to farm. Breeze is a luxury right now. We'll be sitting on this patch for possibly another month, no one knows, but it's time to get a lot of the gear you need. especially since things are so inflated now, they'll be hella cheaper waiting 1-2 mont
  10. Why not spend time gathering gold, and mats for this chi master, like people did for the warlock? Like if you wanna roll it so badly.... then prepare the best you can for it? and get the mats that you can ahead of time. chill
  11. I want these more than words can say. For both male and female.
  12. I would really like a nice like, not revealing, suit with more fitted bottoms. Because you don't have to be barely clothed to be hot, and I would buy ten thousand of that outfit Nothing wrong with showing off skin, at all But you know EVERY GIRL'S CRAZY ABOUT A SHARP DRESSED GIRL That's how it goes right?
  13. I was pretty upset when they came out without the leggings. I'm not against skin being shown at all, but I definitely love the leggings so much more, and was sad they were taken out :( It made me not wanna put it on any of my females, so it went to one of my male characters Sadly, I doubt they'll do it. They could even just like, I dunno, find a way to make the leggings an adornment, even.
  14. I feel like lyns weren't meant to have boobs. and not for any reason like people are saying so far but like, the male lyn don't have nipples, when the other two males do, so there's like every indicator that lyns don't have ANY breast glands at all, because they aren't mammals? (because even male animals have the breast tissue and fat) They probably have kids out of eggs. Like birds...or lizards.
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