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  1. How is paying the money to create and air an advertisement desperate? If anything it sounds like they're doing pretty *cricket*ing well, considering how much people complain :Y Not defending any faults, and shit going on in the game, but lol, your logic is flawed "Oh man those superbowl commercials must mean doritos is SUPER desperate for people to buy their shit!!!"
  2. Junghado because he's beautiful,and loyal, and I am counted as one of his most trustworthy allies after knowing me for 5 minutes Yehara, she's just...great. I love her. I can't remember his name bc im bad with names but the leader of the Lumang syndicate, I love him. And honestly O love Namsoslut, and all her horribleness. She's just a horrible *cricket*, and I love that about her. Not everyone has to be sunshine and rainbows to be an enjoyable character. Love to hate her, and enjoy her regardless. Captain and only member of the Namsoyoo fanclub
  3. I'm not twisting anything that I've said LOL If you want to leave because you have no interest, then do it. I offered an alternative because you complained about the amount of time it requires to get geared, and someone else quoted. I was responding to someone else completely at that point. I don't care what you do, and if you leave, cool, whatever. I can accept that you don't want to stick around, and that not everyone wants to grind a character they don't wanna play. My first post was a suggestion to gather mats, when there was no indication that you had spent time prior to doin
  4. My point is why cry about waiting for the class when you can use the time to AHEAD OF TIME gather materials needed to get your chi master Siren right off the bat. So many of the mats are available, and the only thing you would have to do, is run dungeons for weapons, and farm some bsh, and e. fleet for weapons. And no, I wasn't in WL threads telling people to chill, because I took about a 3 week break from bns around the time the threads were up, and realized I had to play catch up, and am still catching up, but that's my own fault. This problems is no different than people l
  5. Except I've seen plenty of people in faction talking about how they were framing things for their wl. I get that people don't want to wait, but it's like 2-3 months at most, and considering all of the content can be done easily in pirate weapons (not even True, tbh) It wouldn't be TOO much "wasted" time on gearing, to clear content, to farm. Breeze is a luxury right now. We'll be sitting on this patch for possibly another month, no one knows, but it's time to get a lot of the gear you need. especially since things are so inflated now, they'll be hella cheaper waiting 1-2 mont
  6. Why not spend time gathering gold, and mats for this chi master, like people did for the warlock? Like if you wanna roll it so badly.... then prepare the best you can for it? and get the mats that you can ahead of time. chill
  7. I usually play with my friends, and that's why I play, haha. but I KNOW. When they died I was like HOW DARE YOU.I was pretty upset, and then the thing with Gubong and Yunma Kahn.... sighs I wasn't prepared to meet Soha after the whole 8 master thing, sinc eyou know, her brother was a par of it. I heard her beta voice calling for me and ran the other way Q~Q
  8. I'm glad to see other people are enjoying the story like me, because all I'm seeing on forums is about how awful it is, and it makes me sad QQ It might be a bit cliched sure, but honestly what isn't these days I enjoy it, and have the feels. Im super bummed we're left at a cliffhanger, because while I know what happens, I want to play it myself. Sighs.
  9. Do you really think people in NA are smart enough to know the difference though? Like come on You have too much faith. I guess it's just an endless cycle of "people offended if we do, people offended if we don't" But they can probably get lawsuits if they don't, so they're going that route instead /shrug and this is just for the swastika, not anything else I'd rather give them the botd on the Profane raiment costume,though, considering some of the other stuff we have right now. Like, do you really think they censored that because OHHH PANTIES ?
  10. Yeeessssssss keep them comingggg MORE LYNS MOOOOREEE I just wanna squish all their faces ahhhh
  11. I'm not even sure how you saw that from what I said, at all. Is your reading comprehension okay?
  12. I think I understand enough lol The bosses that have the insane, almost insta kill unless you dodge correctly, or a team member uses a skill speced to freeze the entire team, and protect them, rather (or the kfm skill). Like the current Slashimi mechanic where fm are expected to have ice sheath speced. Only a lot more dangerous. I use fm because it's the class I know best, both builds. Why bother having support skills at all if you could just dps it up, and only ever attack attack attack, like there's not a team to work around, and play with? This isn't "oh there's a right fire bui
  13. This is exactly what I want in this game tbh, a personal dps meter, so you CAN perfect your own build, and figure out better rotations, for yourself. I often find myself thinking it would be such a great thing to have, because I want to know where I stand in dps, and what rotations I use, though I'm honestly too lazy to nitpick my playing style, so long as it just gets the job done :P
  14. I don't really consider them excuses, but okay. Then you must be incredibly lucky because it's in all games I play. They're there, and they're the loudest. Even if it's not the majority, it happens enough that it creates an environment where one deviation form the standard path means LOL U SUCK UR DPS IS HORRIBLE NOOB Which is one thing in other games where, honestly there are right ways to play a character, and are pretty much the ONLY way. But like I said previously, in BNS it just...stifles the amount of builds there are if you only concentrate on dps and damage output. Fo
  15. Well, games like WOW and Tera have dps meters, where it gathers everyone damage data through....okay I don't know how because I'm kind of illiterate in this stuff, but you know, it looks through game data files, blahblah And then it's like "XxBiigbootyxX: 23 mil, 40% Ggnore: 10 mil, 15%" (my naming skill are GREAT) I would love a personal dps meter to be honest, that maybe shows how much percentage YOU did in a fight, compared to the boss' hp but not what everyone else did. and so on, so you know how much damage everyone did. Which in itself isn't that bad, but like I
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