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  1. Junghado because he's beautiful,and loyal, and I am counted as one of his most trustworthy allies after knowing me for 5 minutes Yehara, she's just...great. I love her. I can't remember his name bc im bad with names but the leader of the Lumang syndicate, I love him. And honestly O love Namsoslut, and all her horribleness. She's just a horrible *cricket*, and I love that about her. Not everyone has to be sunshine and rainbows to be an enjoyable character. Love to hate her, and enjoy her regardless. Captain and only member of the Namsoyoo fanclub
  2. Yeeessssssss keep them comingggg MORE LYNS MOOOOREEE I just wanna squish all their faces ahhhh
  3. My future Lyn Warlock!! And my current Lyn Blade dancer
  4. Uhm the better question is why can't you increase the crotch size of your male character amirite or what? :^) Im jk sort of. the male bodies are harder for me to customize, personally, but I'm always on board for the option of more customization offers. Especially the male Gon bara chests, right?
  5. There's a reason vintage cone bras went out of style, and should never come back :Y Still, I'm not against it just like, if they did, make it...better. No more cone boobs, please. Downwithconeboobs2k16
  6. Okay, can we have both options tho. As a girl, I wanna make some of my Yun more sporty, with smaller boobs than is currently available, for one of my specific characters, without making her chest concave and boobs sag to her knees you feel. Even the smallest boob size is bigger than mine irl QQ But then I want my gon with giant boobs. But let's be real, can we like fix the actual boobs we have already though? I've seen some horror scenes with people that don't know how boobs are supposed to look from the side. Like, Gon with the maximum on all, and then they put on the Ashes in the
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