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  1. Server "Links" incoming

    AMD users on suicide watch.
  2. Buy 50 Summer boxes?

    You won't get the gems. Just buy gold and upgrade your gear.
  3. 97mb Update

    What? 2 AMAZING Gems in there, STS, Stingers and Mysterious Crystals. Shit that you either have to farm 300 of, or, farm a boss 300 times just to see a drop. Even worse, the gems are probably only obtainable from that chest, which makes it even worse, considering that blue gem (Aquamarine) is absolute beast on DES, my main class.
  4. 97mb Update

    What an absolute joke. This is maximum Pay to Win, I swear. With, of course, RNG mixed in because this is BnS.
  5. 97mb Update

    Well, the SF stuff was already inside the client, just disabled. But 97mb for nothing? I ain't buying that. Haven't noticed any changes yet, though.
  6. Implement this outfit

    That looks super generic, to be honest.
  7. 97mb Update

    Anyone know what was changed?
  8. What is this "Optimization Patch" mentioned?

    Alright, that's a legit argument. What about the other versions though? CN/TW/JP all run better than the EU/NA client.
  9. What is this "Optimization Patch" mentioned?

    GG NCWest. The only thing I clearly remember, is that every other client of BnS runs a 100 times better than ours. Even the shabby self-hacked RU client back in 2011 or 2012 had better FPS than this. On the CN beta I could play on max. Details with constant 70 FPS (capped), with a shitty i5 2400 @ 3GHz. But not on EU/NA. Because f*ck the customer, that's why.
  10. What is this "Optimization Patch" mentioned?

    Then look 2 posts above you, someone with an i7 @4GHz can't run it that well either. So single core performance means jackshit too. As it would seem like, it's entirely random if the game runs well on your PC or not.
  11. What is this "Optimization Patch" mentioned?

    So that's all the optimization we'll get? RIP BnS. If you don't own an i7 4GHz+ you can probably just uninstall right now. Combine that with the current server performance (*cough* it's your ISP *cough*) and stuff like Desolate Tomb will be impossible. GG NCWest.
  12. Of course, people thought those that are leveling SFs need mats, so they raised the prices to make some more earnings. What I think though, is, most of the people that actually wanted a SF with good gear already have all the mats they need, so the only ones getting the short end of the stick are the normal players that actually need the mats. Just give a bit of time and the prices will go lower again. Just do your dailies, save money, and buy when the price is low.
  13. What? You need: 25 Soulstones, 10 Moonwater Tears, 5 Moonwater Quartz and 5 Premium Refiner thingies. All of that, except the Refiner, you can get yourself. Soulstones from arena. Takes about 2-3 hours. Tears can either be farmed solo in, for example, Ogong, or just straight up bought from the broker. The quartz can be obtained with pickaxes, or just bought too. The only thing you probably have to buy is the refiner. Which is around 30g on EU, for 5 of them. Or you can just buy the recipe for 50g (EU again) and craft them yourself. Yes, it will take you 1-2 days to craft 10 MTS, but it can be done. Stop pretending like they're some kind of legendary stone.
  14. DPS UI in KR

    I actually want the DPS meter. For one simple reason: The AP elitism will maybe stop. Instead of getting 600+ AP recruitments, they'll search for DPS. Which, in my opinion, is better, since now all these baddies with 600+ AP will actually see how much they suck.
  15. Blade And Soul - Dead in 18 months

    m8, it's your ISP, not the servers. Definitely not the servers. Why would it be the servers? Can't be true man. But yeah, just take the endgame relaxed and you'll have way more fun than trying to go hardcore progression. Servers still suck tho.