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  1. Im 99% sure weapon chests are rigged ...

    I myself, when the beta started, saw my friend getting 25 boxes from that first field boss to get his class wep. People here looks like have no clue what statistics mean. 11% chance doesnt mean you will get it always with a maximum of 9 tries. It means that in a *long run* if you average all persons who opened boxes it will tend to 1/9 or ~11%. It is not impossible to open 100 boxes and dont get your weapon, it is very unlikely. I like to think that for every person that gets it before the 9th try, someone else will pass the 9th try to balance the things, but look, if many people get before the 9th some may pass a lot the 9th to balance things out. Yeah be mad at lucky guys L0L.
  2. 12/04 Maintenance delayed for 1hour

    The problem is estimating the correct time^^
  3. Blade and Soul performance on Ryzen?

    One point no1 said yet: 99% of games when played at high resolution (1440p or higher) are GPU Bound and hence does not matters which processor you are using. Cant say about others, but I buy a PC to play it max graphics, not to have 300 fps with low resolution and no eye candy stuff. In the end I would rather get a 8c/16t ryzen future proof which is as good as a $1000 intel, than buy a 4 core. As some people stated ryzen is at its early days, there are alot of things to be improved.
  4. Hello, I haven't played for a while, I have stopped progressing when Desolated Tomb come out. I could do fine before with 635 ap / (old true scorpion) and asura/be ido ss. Now the real problem(s): Lags: I'm having terrible lags, my skills doesn't work, you press the key and nothing happens. 24 man is impossible to me, I'm just a plain dead weight. I have no idea what to do to fix it, because cant be my PC/connection. I'm using i7 3770 @ 4.3 Ghz + GTX 1080 @ 2.1 ghz + 16 gb RAM and optical fiber symmetrical connection. Every other MMO I play(ed) which servers are in the USA my ping holds @ 120ms and in the EU @ 300ms, but here it goes above and beyond 500ms, and like I said before skills doesn't work, the most weird is that there is no Graphics lag, I can watch every1 else playing using skills etc, but mine doesn't work. Gears: I have no idea where to start, I have no gold to get legendary wep, I cant do 24man to get the legendary SS. Desolated Tomb and other Dg's like People are asking stupid high AP, 700, 750. (People have kicked me of asura because I didn't have 650ap, lel, cant believe I have done all those dg's with less than 600 ap and now those "nutella" players are ridiculous...) I haven't all day long to keep searching for pt. Updates: There are lots of new content but I cant enjoy them given the above, so that's becoming a barrier for my return and I'm not up to spend thousands $$$ to gear up. If any1 has tips/solutions at least for the lag part I would appreciate. Thanks.
  5. Client is running in 64 bit already, it's the default option, maybe I should try the old 32 bit?^^ About graphics config, it doesnt change anything, as the lags is not graphical, but something like "command", and yeah I tried everything I could =(. But thanks
  6. Use of macros

    From all players I know, just 2 or 3 doesnt use macros, if it is not allowed, I'm sure NCSoft is not doing anything to punish them because I havent heard of any player being banned. I see no point of using macros in a game that is supposed to be about player skill... But we all know ppl will abuse anything they can.
  7. Windows 10 Framerate fix

    Crowded places still have fps drops, but 4-6 man is perfect now. Thanks for sharing.
  8. 150 Icy Treat Chests

    Sorry if you feel ofended, maybe you should improve your sense of humor. But If you really feel that I'm a bot, feel free to report me @
  9. 150 Icy Treat Chests

    Thank You for supporting the game, without you, me and various free players wouldn't be able to play.
  10. If you want to upgrade to play BNS better just dont do that. I'm running an i7 @ 4.1 Ghz and a gtx 1080 @ 2.1Ghz and it still lags when there are many people on the screen, even on lower specs. The game is badly optimized, at one moment you are capped at 120 fps then it goes down to 10 fps. It is not your PC, the game stutters as fk for everyone. And I can say more, if they dont optimize the engine, just compile it to 64 bit will be the same.
  11. Real-time priority .

    We are in a "multi-core" ERA, so you can select the processor affinity and set the process to use half of the cores, and put the priority to real-time. This wont cause those troubles. But I cant guarantee it may benefit/improve you in anything.
  12. DPS meter

    Thanks for the wise reply, we need *PUT* that in ppl heads^^
  13. 64bit B&S in KR

    I agree that 64bit may improve performance, because you have more memory available to use, but it has *NOTHING* to do with how many cores the game uses. 32bit can use as many cores as you want, as long as your program uses multi-thread/multi-process, same with 64bit. If the engine uses less cores than it could or badly use it, is fault of who engineered/programmed it.
  14. With 120 ms you QQ? I'm playing with 350+ ms and really I cant complain about Dragontongue for PvE, the lightning build with 350+ ping is MUCH WORSE, pratically unplayable. My advice is, dont hold RMB (holding is much slower than clicking), click it like there is no tomorrow.
  15. Nerf BM

    Tell me one class that if you "screw up" you wont lose a buttload of health in mere seconds? Bad players QQ because they cant play their class right...
  16. this ap requirements are making me nuts...

    After I as a BM had to be the bait in the Gloomdross with 600+ AP 6man party with 4 of them being ranged class, I'm totally convinced that most of high AP players are badly skilled and try to compensate their lack of skill with gear AKA money/cash shop. Thats why we see those requirements. Anyway we see it in all games... PS: I'm not a pro but atleast I try to do the mechs right...
  17. You don't know how good you got it

    I couldnt agree more. +1000
  18. Blade and Summoner NA

    Try with 350+ ping, you will discover a entire new game =))
  19. Blade and Summoner NA

    PPL may disagree, but I consider fighting a Summoner as 2 x 1. Why? 1) They never stay together so you cant damage both at same time. 2)You atk the cat -> the player kills you 3)You atk the player the cat comes and cc you. Makes no sense to me, you do a player air-combo and get killed/cc'ed by the cat in the mean time. As a melee class is already a pain in the *** to approach and damage ranged classes with 350+ ping, add the 2 x 1 factor....
  20. Need a rig update

    Im with i7 3770, gtx 670 and 16gb ram. It lags in the same way... The truth is this game engine does not support many players spamming skills in the same place. I'm thinking of upgrading to a gtx 1080, since there are 4 years I dont buy a GPU, but I guess it wont help. In the end I dont like faction, I think it's badly designed, sum with the lag and that average melee class is the first to get fked up in the faction, my conclusion is that I'm going quit doing faction.
  21. Returning player with 250+ ping

    I play as BM with ~300 ms ping, it's fun I like. You may like too but you should know there are things you simple are not able to do because the time of you receiving the information from the server, processing it and counter is not enough. For dgs it's ok, you may have a lower DPS but for PVP just accept and let it be...
  22. Have to agree, KFM sux againts BM because of those. Sorry. Let's just change class then, because every BM have HM block and they spam it every 5 seconds.... BTW have you ever played both classes?
  23. Ok, where is the "5 sec resist" there?
  24. I may have understood wrong, but does BM have 5 sec resist? PS: I'm just new comer, and I really dont understad why 90% of posts here are some kind of QQ about classes, I havent noticed this far difference among classes but players... who knows...
  25. AoE vs single target DMG

    I c your point.... Why dont you change class? and leave the terrible class you are playing with? Maybe even better let's ask ncsoft to remove all classes but one, then all will be equal. Irony mode[OFF] Everyone can complain about your class being inferior in something, the game works in this way, your class CAN NOT exceed in everything. This is called balance and diversity. If you dont like the good/bad sides of your class just change class.