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  1. Legendary bracelet stage 7 upgrade

    If I'm not mistaken I used 70~80 from 6 to 9, yeah a lot of gold...
  2. As title says, I thought maintenance was for fixing such things but they prove me wrong...
  3. That's exaclty what ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ me off
  4. great servers ncsoft

    We are having the halloween tricks! Pretty sad, when I have the time to play I just cant...
  5. Stage 6 Legendary set effect Issue

    If you just upgraded it, you MUST un-equip both items, and then equip it back to the bonus to take effect.
  6. Legendary Bracelet Drop

    About 80 runs, I have seen one bracelet, which a whale took for his alt for an absurd amount of gold. So far, I lost the pretension of getting a drop, I'll keep gathering hands from boxes (which have crit 2/80 times) and daily dash.
  7. @FrozenB The only thing which breaks down your argument is: Most of us could not sell any gold, and we weren't able to use the F10 special offers. Now if you are in a hurry you can sell it easily, in the other hand if you think your gold worth more than it really worthy you can keep it and pass special offers. So far, any system is based in offer and demand, we have crap loads of gold running around and no ncoin enough, and those crap loads are most from people who doesnt need it and are just looking for profit. When you force a incompatible rate you make just a selected parcel of players enjoy a feature which should be for everyone. Most of those who are QQing about the new rate are buthurt because they are not profiting like they were before, and are not the ones who are really willing to use the F10 for personal purposes and progress ingame.
  8. You know, you can put your gold as 1:3 rate, no1 is stopping you from doing that, but if you cant sell for this price, is not our problem like wasnt your problem when we put as 1:3 and we couldnt sell it. HF. #TheCryIsFree
  9. Black Tower loot drop rate /quantity

    I have to agree. If it was a spamable dg like others it would be ok, but as long as we can do it only once a week and many ppl need those accessories it's really dificulty to get it unless you pay the 3k+ gold for a run or your party doesnt need anything, which is not the case of the average player.
  10. F9 ?? are u kiddin us ?

    Not sure at which level of gear are you guys, but I returned about a 1.5 months totally ungeared, I'm happy with the change. If I can sell my gold and get penta gems and other mats when I need, instead of having to spent thousands in trove, It's good enough. Most of games doesnt let you acquire cash with gold, and NCSoft is controling the ratio, if it didnt certainly it would be less than 1:1 by now and you all know that's the truth.
  11. [Request] F9 Gold Sales Update

    1500? That's completely bs. Most of us, newcomers, want simple things, like the pentagonal gems (~130 ncoin) and upgrade mats all under ~100. If you are saying about costumes, I dont care about costumes, it helps me nothing in Dg's/PvP and it's the last thing I would invest in, if you want to look cool pay the premium, and that is not pay to win. BTW you are being selfish. You dont want to sell gold for 1:1 and also doesn't want to anyone else to sell by 1:1. I just want a way to progress, 1:3 is not working. You know how I made gold? Doing purple train up to Sogun, farming Lair and such low dgs with my low gear. If you dont want to follow the same way it's up to you, but dont spoil who want to progress in this game.
  12. [Request] F9 Gold Sales Update I have been playing for a month, after I come back from a year break, and now F9 is just a dead feature. I have tried to sell gold for the lowest rate the entire month and I didnt sell anything, I did offer a 50% plus to any1 who were willing to buy it and nothing. (One year ago it would sell instantly) From that I conclude it's a dead feature, the rates are not suitable for the demand. IMHO, many players are looking for those pentagonal gems and other things selling but we cant get it because nobody buys the gold, I wouldnt mind to sell it with 1:1 rate as long as I could sell. If more players feel like I do, I would like to NCSoft to review this feature and update the rates accordingly, it would be good for us sellers and good for the ones buying and it would improve both progression and currency rotation in game.
  13. Weapon Upgrade Costs

    They can announce 1 year early and some people will complain, there is no fix for that
  14. [Request] F9 Gold Sales Update

    Just clarifying some points some people missed: I put varios amounts, starting from 50, 100, 150, 200 gold. It wasnt 1 gold or 10 gold like some people are thinking. ratio is about demand and offer, as I said I wouldnt mind to sell 1:1 as long as I could sell. IMHO, it does not kill f2p, we have a way to get ncoins and buy our things and who spent real money get more gold, for me its a Win-Win scenario.
  15. Then you see, for example, you as BM did 100 dragon tongue and the other guy less geared did 250, and know you cant improve your ping to do that. For me, a global DPS-meter will be another tool to ppl bash each other, while there are tons of things involved in doing a dg other than that.
  16. [Request] F9 Gold Sales Update

    50, 100, 150, 200. No amount sold. Not only me, but various friends trying to sell and cant. If you think this feature is working good feel free to disagree, but just ask yourself if it's an anecdotal event or everyone else is selling as easy as you said.
  17. High AP Hypocrisy

    Cant say about NF and NS for gunner, but EC and DT are easy for gunner to tank. Just keep the right distance, I would say it is much easier tanking EC with gunner than BM atleast for my 300 ms ping.
  18. It's not impossible, I have seen 2 drops in 2 weeks and I do it once a day. There is none at market because the demand is high with all gunners around, btw there are plenty of ppl doing it everyday, new and old ones. If you dont like it you can go the pvp way or buy when it hits the market.
  19. XIGNCODE3 ?

    Nothing would make me more happier than XIGNCODE taking over GameGuard. Are the ones who dont like it, just the ones who are using Macros, VPN's & MOD's? If so I dont feel sorry for you. Time to play the hard mode huh?
  20. I think you are making too much about it. He/she/it doesnt know you, he/she/it just took a guess. I'm sure he/she/it didnt made it to offend or he/she/it thinks only males play games. I have no idea why people make such a big deal of those things. I do the same, not because I belive females dont play games, but because most of the times assuming a person to be male is the correct guess. And I know various women who plays, this and other games, and I never tried or meant to desrespect or diminish them in anyway. If after you said you are female, the treatment changed I see no reason for apologies, I usually apologize in this case just to be nice, because well, you cant expect me or anyone else that is not in a voice chat to guess the right gender, that's non-sense.
  21. So in your head, when people which are coming back gain anything that you already have even better gears, it is bad for you? Like you are losing anything? Tell me more about that.
  22. fps lag after update

    I had the same problem stuck with 15 fps. I just restarted the pc, and it back to work. Not sure what was the cause...
  23. That's not reasonable. Many people, like me, have ISP's which doesn't give you a static IP. If that was the case I would be banned already, because everytime I reconnect the internet I may receive a new IP.
  24. Use of macros

    Completely BS, I have 350ms ping, never used macro, people use macros because they are lazy and dont want to learn how to play.
  25. Use of macros

    I'll tell you what I really think, about macros, mods and everything people do here: This is an "action" MMO, anything you use to "improve" your performance is like cheating, why dont let a bot play for you? If you dont have fingers and a brain to do your own combos and train yourself to not miss, you are a non-skilled player simple as that. Every other game block macros and external tools, but here it seems as a "commodity" thing. If NCSoft really allows that, I think they should implement an "easy mode" like some hack and slash games, so the softcore team just press any key and the character does everything.