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  1. Ok, Ill give you all the background, so you may understand. Me and my friends play with 200-300ms ping, we have somewhat 50-65% of the dps os someone with > 120ms. BT gear is a must to go through newer content (VT, the new dungeons etc). Try to put yourself in my position, we are not the people who are making glided gems and have everything, it's not work like you think. If your intention is to make new peeps lag behinds all content then you have a point, otherwise not.
  2. Thanks, I really prefer to read than watch a video.
  3. You know whats the main problem? It's not the ones who got everything that are fked, they will lose some dps ok, but the ones on the lower side... An alliance that was almost hitting the threshold of not finishing BT, (as the one I am atm), for sure wont finish it, we are getting hit harder, and lost at least 10% of every status(crit rate, crit dmg, accuracy, elem dmg, etc).
  4. Bns2 Or graphic upgrate ?

    Have you played the game at maximum settings? IMO it's not bad at all, the problem is that it is mostly unplayable, various stutters and fps drops. We need optimizations not really better graphics. PS: thats persperctive is from a i7 @ 4.3ghz and Gtx 1080 @ 2.1Ghz, so no its not the PC.
  5. Just made a test with lv 55 and the gloves from quest. Lost 15-20% DPS, GG
  6. BT Accessory Exchange

    I have a joke i use now, you play with what BT gives you. I'm a BM usually with 200-300 ping, but since I could not get fire accessories, and lightning was dropping a lot I just went lightning, we have no choice. Sadly some old player which have been doing it for months, think that people who are playing 3 months can take a whole year to catch up, interesting is that you cant do VT and alike without it and we are getting new content, then we should be trapped @ old content for a year or change your playstyle.
  7. Raven upgrade costs

    Man, we all know you are trying to make a point here but you are too much partial to be taken serious. 1) There are only 2 classes that somewhat benefit equaly from riftwalk/raven, Lightning BM and Destro. Fire BM does a lot more dmg with raven. 2) That DPS test in the turtle is far away from reflecting real combat. For a BM he must use precisely the "C" Twice to take advantage of the riftwalk CD reduction. Most of battles you are going to miss that, be it by mech or boss pattern, in those cases raven shines even more because you dont need activate it. Also raven burst > rift burst 3) Most of the players dont go straight from bale/seraph to raven 6, saying that some one doesnt take advantage from, for instance, being raven 3/4/5 over rift 3/4/5 in this meanwhile is plain stupid BS. I do feel how someone who got raven when there wasnt the rift path got in trouble, but for anyone else who choose to go raven and take it advantage in the meanwhile, crying now is not an option, you made a choice, you took advantage over it and now are trying to get a "free lunch".
  8. If all that is true, im sure atleast 80% of population is fked up, because they (me included) still farming, trying to get to current end game content. Getting that big nerf will make it even harder.
  9. How do you display buffs names?

    Most of people wont be able to stop at middle of the battle and point the cursor over a buff, which sometimes are too fast to even point and then read I've done more than 100 runs of DT, EC, NF, NS and I'm clueless of buff names. What does it mean? Dont assume things about people. We are not like you, every1 is different, if you look through the game and want remember everything good for you, but when you start with the "you should know" you are already wrong no1 should nothing. Yes it is belittling, dont try to cover it. It is not easier to remember icons, we are trainned to read since earlier childhood, we read/associate a name much faster than you can imagine. Now the last but not least, If you dont like names it's ok, thats a personal opinion and I respect that, but wanting everyone else to know about something or dont having names because they "should know" is not a personal opinion and is not an acceptable behavior.
  10. Tank Problem

    I would love to see ranged classes with aggro skill and tanking. It would make them curse a lot less BMs and KFMs which have to block, do mech, stay still and so on, while ranged people stay 10m+ far away just attacking steady. If it's easy to tank give BM/KFM a nice boost to be a DPS class and let some1 else tank =)
  11. How do you display buffs names?

    Your kind of arrogance is laughable. No one is obligated to know all classes buffs and all weapons/accessories buffs.
  12. Unrefined Dragon/Tiger Bracelet

    I got 5 in one run, 1 each floor today, pretty lucky. Joke aside, it drops from 16-19, but its pretty rare, dont give up.
  13. I tottaly agree. Or maybe they should change the loots to a box which you can get any elemental you want. I've been doing that raid for 3 months and most of the runs everything that drops NO ONE in the alliance needs, which makes it a waste of time doing BT and trying to gear up to try VT and new content...
  14. Appeal

    I'm curious about "more bots and gold sellers". In my mind if gold worth less "real money" it loses value and make gold sellers less appealing, as you can get the same or more gold in F9. Anyway, we all know cash rules gold, not the inverse. We have a greater demand for ncoin than for gold, and thats is not a bad thing. Free players (including myself) can get ncoin with gold, which is already a pretty nice feature the rates are just reflecting the demand.
  15. SOLUTION to the BT raid gear drops! PLEASE READ.

    Thats exactly what I'm trying to point out. We need BT accessories to even try anything else, and if you take 10 months to get it, it better to just quit already. I mean, I can create a new char and kill my self farming everything, but BT accesories, because it is 1x a week with ramdom drops, then I'll get stuck because of that. PS: trove does not count as farm.
  16. SOLUTION to the BT raid gear drops! PLEASE READ.

    I'm not a native english speaker but so far I think "will be" means future and in "10 months ahead in time" they will be pretty crap. But who knows...
  17. SOLUTION to the BT raid gear drops! PLEASE READ.

    Just go back in time and see how much content we got in just 4 months, and now the new patch @ december 6. 10 months of BT to get something that will be already outdated is just laugable...
  18. Do you think I like this content release schedule? I cant even get my BT accessories yet, and there is coming a new raid already, so I need farm BT for months to get my gear (which does not drop at all and is only once a week), to then go to VT and probably after that go to the new raid. No I dont like that.
  19. You know what pis s me off with BNS community is that thing of trying to change the past. You cannot change the past, it was made by your choices accept it. People talk like they are losing so much by going for raven, but they dont count how much they gained with raven, by having more dps and farming faster. If every 2 months you keep QQing for reductions, which are obvious made for newcomers catch up, wouldnt be better stop playing for a year and come back when everything is free? Having things early ingame have its price and we all know that.
  20. those 10 ap are illusory, the stats from the pinnacle/xanos earrings gives you much better damage than those. IMHO using it is the same as people reaching 1000+ ap with old true accessories, pretty useless.
  21. It's interesting for newcomers, we havent half the time old players had farming, and we have full alliance biding for it... I have no idea how they think we can "catch up" when we rarely see a fire accessory drop and when it drops there are atleast 4 people needing it... Maybe in 6 months after we get more 2-3 raids and BT becomes nothing...
  22. [Suggestion] Region World Transfer UPDATED

    It does not work. 1) You are well advised to choose your server at the beginning 2) 6 months are enough time to gear all your char, and easily expoitable by gearing in the easier server and then changing to other server, affecting the balance and economy. Go back to deka - (if you dont understand it just ignore lmao).
  23. Ongoing DDoS Service Impact

    Maybe, but I think it could be related to the official release of other well know game today (11/7) which I wont cite the name. It isnt uncommon those attacks bettween different companies, pservers, etc. For sure isnt the first and not the last we will sufer from.
  24. The fact is: We dont have a proper loot distribuition system for alliance. So we cant do raids with random ppl. I will never ever join a so called "PUG" raid with such system, depending on players good will. I'm not sure if this is intended to make people join a clan or if it's just a work around they found to loot inside raids. My suggestion is: Make a working loot system like the 6-man dgs. Without the need of external tools or trading. Anyone in the alliance take the loot and bid and the gold will be automatically distributed over the members. All problems solved =).
  25. Record low ping

    I'm happy for you, because mine is getting worse everyday. I'm really thinking about taking a break until this mess get fixed, as a tanker I can't do nothing with that lag...