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  1. Not sure about other people but I really want it back. After my soulstones have gone I am stuck with leveling my accessories, because I'm not going to buy soulstones for 80 silver EA. It would be far cheaper buying it for 20g.
  2. OHHHH fps

    @Katu Kat I have used the catalyst for years, Im no used to the new names aka (Crismon and now Adrenalin), nevertheless it doesnt make the configurations I said invalid. If you have tested the lowest possible AA level (2x actualy instead of "none") and the AA method as multisample, you know that you will have a lot more performance than using supersample with 8x. Anyway, I wont argue anymore. We are getting anywhere as long as you dont want to even consider testing the option I said, and so far you are not the one with performance issues, so let it go.
  3. OHHHH fps

    @Namifish Then my NVMe SSD with 1400Mb/s read speed must be trash, and anyone with sata ssd (which cant go above ~500Mb/s) is trash too =( @Katu Kat From your last post with videos seems that you just ignored everything I have wrote, and hence you still have no clue how to configure the catalyst. from your first video at 0:22 seconds, when you show the settings set to override, you left both options: "Antialiasing level" in 8x (which is the most costly), and "antialiasing method" in supersample which again is the costly method. Basicaly what you are doing is enabling the costly AA method, while you should disable. Test yourself, set to override, antialiasing level to "none" and the method to "multisample" and test your fps again. Defeding your point is valid, as all of us are doing it, but if you dont read or dont understand what others write you are faded to do dumb things like that video where you try to prove your point, but you are exactly showing what I have said.
  4. OHHHH fps

    The point we aggre: AA(antialiasing) decreases performance Some points I think still not clear: Application setting - Lets only the application AA (if enabled in game) Enhancing you are using the game AA and applying another AA via graphics drive - That's not good if you want more performance Override - You freely chose what you want. Then you can set the "Antialising level" to "none" (instead of 8xEQ in your pircure), which is the same as turning it off. ------------------------ The configuration in your last picture is far from optimized to performance: 1)You are using supersampling method for AA, which is the most coslty method (it basically render the image 2,4,8,16 times bigger and downscale to the screen size) 2) Anisotropic filtering set to 16x, is good for quality (make the textures less blurry when far away) but it is costly, if we are trying to get more performance one should disable it. As far as we are going off topic, I think this last post explain what was missing and it's done. Some interesting readings about AA methods (,
  5. OHHHH fps

    @Katu Kat I think you have some misconceptions about how antialias works. You can simple override the aplicattion settings and turn it off aka "none" in the control panel, you can find a better reference here
  6. OHHHH fps

    For performance one should set Antialiasing OFF Sidenote: Running the game on a intel HD 620 @ 1080p (which is the same as he have) would not hit 40 fps, I tested it myself standing still at Khanda Vihar, with all configs optmized for combat. You can also take a look at the performance of the GPU R7 M340 on various tests, you cant expect much from it even after some tweaks.
  7. OHHHH fps

    You guys going bitter on the "16 gb ram" with no reasom, as I said 8 gb isnt the best, on a PC with 16gb you can see your memory usage (system + game) over 10GB. Nerverthless I didnt said you "wont be able to run the game unless you have 16gb ram", so read what wrote not what you want to interprete. Besides the game being lauch at 2012, it had many updates and tons of things added, which makes it uses more than 8gb combined with you system, as all of you said, the game is extremly badly optimized, which implies that you need more to do less, and so that's why you need a good PC to have mediocre performance.I also stated that you will still have stutters and fps drops NO MATTER WHICH PC YOU HAVE. So calm down.
  8. OHHHH fps

    Sorry to say, but this is a somewhat "low end" spec, running with 20-40 fps seems ok for this configuration. If you want to improve your performace you need to get: 1) A quad-core or better CPU, prefered with high clock. 2) 16 GB ram, 8GB is not the best for the x64 client version. 3) A better graphics card, M340 is rly low end, I'm sure you would have no problem with a 1050 ti or better. Finally no matter which config you have you would face stutters and fps drops, so I wouldnt mind about it...
  9. New Legendary Element/Jewel Prices Suck.

    @SayhaSeer Time is not free, the same time you spent farming untradeable mats you could spent on tradeable, ofc the rate is not the same. BTW, you got your point, you just missed saying that farming SS in SSP is for Heavily Whales, there is ZERO chance of an average player farming that amount. If you got to the SSP you always see the same 4~5 players getting everything, if you are one of them good for you, but you cant speak for the other 80-90% of the population. PS: if you notice, I'm in favor of adding the old option back together with the current ones, so if the current one is good for you it wont affect you, so I have no idea why you are really against it.
  10. New Legendary Element/Jewel Prices Suck.

    1400 Soulstones in 1-2 hours? Thats 11 to 23 soulstones per minute, are you sure about that? Btw, if you want my opinion this thing about making old accessories and breaking them may worth now that you have no choice but farm, but it's the biggest BS from all times that you save 450G. Not accounting for the price of mats you spend upgrading it and the time needed to get it is like saying they are worthless while they are not.
  11. As the title says, I much more excited to get those class balances than new content, anyone have an idea how much time it may take to reach us?
  12. I doubt any other kind of measure would take that discipline and respect among players. I praise the DEV's for what they have achieved.

    No matter which PC you have you will experience various stutters/freezes/fps drops. It's about the game engine and not your PC. I have 2 machines with different specs and both of them experience those. i7 3770 and i7 7700 -> stutters the same way 7200rpm HDD(70 Mb/s) and nvme SSD(1400 Mb/s) -> ingame loading still the same (Starting the game on the ssd is faster) Gtx 1060 and gtx 1080 -> be it in the minimum or maximum settings doesnt make difference for stutters 1080p vs 4k -> same as above Dont belive in people saying they play at maximum without stutters, it's completly BS. You get 120 fps on static areas without using skill, go to a 12-man or wide map and put everyone attacking starting with soulburn and there isnt a single person which wont have a big fps drop and play with less than 60 fps. My advice play the game as it is, there is nothing you can do about it. PS: For anyone who says that play at max setting with 120 FPS feel free to upload a video starting a fight for the first time with 12-man on a wide area with all buffs without stutters or with constant fps.
  14. Does it ever get fun?

    Here is how I did it: Fresh from story you do the old purple train up to sogun, one week you should have some gold and material to upgrade your weapon up to 9. Then you start farming your acessories in order, you dont go the dg up until you are done with the ones behind: 1)Desolate Tomb - Get your necklace, it is easier today it goes from free to about 25 gold, you also get the elemental ring of your choice and upgrade it. 2)Ebondrake Cidatel - Get the Purple earring 3)Naryu Foundry - Get the belt From farming those 3 dungeons you must be able to get wep to lv12, and maybe get a soulbadge and mystic badge from tokens/dailies 4) Naryu Sanctum - Get the elemental earring of your choice and the Bracelet, if you have done enough of DT, EC and NF you should have enough tokens to buy it after 10 runs. In the mean time you also get all hexa gems. Now you should easily get past 1k AP and have elemental ring/earring. You can start doing BT and get your legendary elemental ring and earring. Now you probably have lvl most of your old accessories and get your weapon to ravem/dawnforge/riftwalk so you are about 1050 and able to do: 5) Irontech forge/Starstone mines (Notice you still do all other dgs/dailies/weekly/etc.) After some time you are reaching 1100 and can easily join Hollow Heart and Ebondrake Lair. PS1: You should always do the events, you can get things easier from them PS2: It's not a 1 day task, you need to take your time to gear up, you are not going to joing end game fresh from story
  15. It's not early, if you read more about it you will see there are already proof of concepts and that the proposed OS fix affects mainly system calls. Basic system calls for gaming are reading/writing files and sending/receiving data, so yes IMHO we are going to get hit by that performance drop remarkably
  16. Why are PTS RNG to transmute?

    I have no idea how actualy people still put up with that @Grimoir, that guy is toxic. Any way, random does not favor everyone it spreads unequally the "sucess" among the players, mainly for the ones who craft low counts. That's why I would rather buy for a fixed price than try my luck. IMHO it should be 100% chance with scaled mats, because it wouldn't change the average material used to craft, but it would distribute the cost equally. if it's 10% chance we scale the mats by 1.0/0.1 = 10x if it's 50% scale by 1.0/0.5 = 2x and so on, this way the burden would be distributed over all the players. Wouldnt be any profit for who try to sell it, since anyone could make it at fixed price. Now you ask me, are the ones profiting from higher count craft willing to give up their profit?
  17. Why not 24/7 vs. "routine maintenance"?

    BNS is not a website, it is a game. I haven't seen such system that can run indefinitely without at least a restart. If you dont, it mostainly will lose performance over time until it crashes. None of us want a unannounced crash in the middle of something important that can buggy your account and lose data. Those maintenances are for our own good. Side note: How many times have you seen the BNS site offline?
  18. Current game population

    In a dying game can you sell things in the market instantly? or queue a party instantly? I doubt.
  19. i7 7700k 1080 ti = LOL ?

    I do not deny that it's cheap, but it doesnt make my statement false. It was indeed the best technology at that time. Various AA games were released with UE3, not only because it was "cheap" but because it have a good SDK and tech. No one today release a game with a proprietary engine if they are not going to use it in multiple games or sell it to other devs. I haven't seen a MMO game from 2008 with graphics as good as BNS, if you not talking about MMO then we have a long list of games also using UE3. About that "multiple cores/threads" this is an old issue being carried even today for most games, up to dx11 multiple cores couldnt be well utilized as with dx12. MMO's suffer a lot more from that because they have many players/objects around at the same time (CPU intensive), more than most offline games, and they dont have the money to craft a lag free game. One thing I can assure to you, they could have done better with UE3 as they could have done worse with unity and CryEngine, which also translates into your point, money.
  20. i7 7700k 1080 ti = LOL ?

    I can tell you why they use UE3, because it is an old game, its first version was up in 2012, which means they were working on that atleast since 2011, and at that time it was the "best" technology at that time, then the game have grown and got too heavy to that tech. BTW ping is a reflex of network latency, you cant deny that, if the network have any problem ping spikes or lose packets and it's an tool used to monitor network all around the world.
  21. Actually there isnt such "algorithm that are made to keep things safe", they control they entire "safeness" by chosing the correct percents for each item, every item in a box have different %. I have seen various games where the items which worth had > 1/2000 chance, so no they dont need anything dirty to win here. Usually they dont give you the % because they know many people would avoid it if they knew that it had a 1/2000 chance, even so some people gamble at the loto which is worse than those random boxes, so I dont think it will ever stop.
  22. Graphic card advice help please

    GPU does not matter as long as you have a minimum to run the game. I say that because no matter which gpu you use the game will stutter and have fps drops. I'm using a GTX 1080 and i7 @ 4.3, even if I put the game in the minimum setting it still have stutters and fps drops, so it's not a gpu problem. As some people already pointend out, the game can't use various cores and hence keeps the gpu usage > 30% for those "strong" gpus. If money is not a problem, I would rather get the gen 8 i5/i7's, they look amazing for gaming and maybe you can have less stutters and fps drops than us.
  23. Let's follow your thinking: 1) You are assuming every1 is using bale < 9? while every 1 is using bale 9 /12/rift/dawn>, you gain 1-3% from wep, and thats when the buff is up not 100% of time. 2)Look at your elemental dmg, it went down 10% too, besides the 10% crit loss. 3) if you enchant accuracy you will lose another ton of crit. 4) Every one have iframes and resist, does it mean any1 can do any dg? Nope, we all take dmg sometimes and having a def/hp/dmg/life steal and regen makes a lot of difference. I just ask you, go to f12 and test it, its simple.
  24. We all know that stats scale, the problem is what new gear we got? 1 gloves which most it can cover is crit dmg, and half accuracy, everything else is lowerer, if you try to look smart be smart.
  25. Like I chose where the server are and how much ping i'll have, I have a clear mentality of your elitism now. I'll just stop, thats too ""jerk" to get anything else from me.