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  1. Blade Master

    i think he meant more defensive skills?
  2. ch.33 silverfrost

    more to come later in the future.
  3. Ħȧćḳēɽ -- Ċřḯṃṥȍɲ Ļëģïoṅ -- Ṛẫṇḳ 5 Ṣɱãḻl Ìŋṯṙȫ We're just a group of friend that's just trying to find something new to play! Most of us likes to Pve and PvP, most of the time we get into a party of six and run dailies together whether it's regular dailies or Fleet Supply we'll ask and see if anyone wanna run it with us because we're trying to make this game fun and by doing that is by pve'in and pvp'in. ȐȕḺểṥ Please RESPECT other clan members. Keep your ego in check. NO DRAMA! Don't Beg too hard, just gotta ask and see if anyone can help you out. Ğằøļŝ Recruiting Active and Social Players Helping Each other out Pve and PvP (Raids and chasing downs other faction. muahaha) Clan Events (1v1, drawing contest, hide & seek, etc.) Ṙȇǭǚìŕẽḿēńtš Must be 17+ and can take jokes. (No rager, most of time people are joking) Discordapp Free Voice Chat and Text (Can be DL in SmartPhone) LvL 50 and ACTIVE Ľëǟðếṛ Kanekii Ẵðṽìśóȓ SephirothVII Ṽęŧḙṟǡn xKuroKami MasterBaiting LiightsOutz LordStark Yuu Vaj Pibb KuruYuri IǤṊ- Ćḹåṡš- ḸȅʋȇḺ- Hope to see you guys online!
  4. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Wtf is this class a sin or what? trying to 1v1 and they are hiding as much as a sin like really?
  5. Purification Jar

    is crafting the only way to get this thing? xD Cause I aint tryna buy that lmao.
  6. Money, a real Problem while leveling...

    I dont think making money in here is that hard, but just very slow i guess.
  7. Most populated server in NA?

    Mushin QQ i lied it went up to 65min now. >.<