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  1. Hoonmoon Level

    No you shouldn't... You should pick up where you left off.
  2. The achivement store will have outfits you can buy with HQ fabric and I think the new valor stones, Like fragrance of life outfit which a transmute HQ pouch outfit, poh's hair and other outfits. I think guild outfit uses just the normal fabrics could be wrong though
  3. NC Coin Card Question For NCsoft Staff.

    Well as I dont know what side of town you are in Indianapolis the closest one to me is at Southport and Emerson the one in front of meijer has them It is where I buy them.
  4. NC Coin Card Question For NCsoft Staff.

    If this manager checked the system just like when you check the website it says this but it is a lie. Many game stops in Indiana do have them they just dont show in their system at other stores for some reason.
  5. Infinite Challenge Costume

    I got lucky and got the costume in 4 trys. :D
  6. Outfit pouch.

    Yea, my first try failed but 2nd time it worked but only got Highborn So I made 2 high pouch 1 fail 1 gave Highborn I made 2 of the cheaper pouch both worked but got Moonlight both times Yes I knew it could fail but I was told by guildies
  7. Well items you buy in store go into the item claim mail so Im sure if you just dont claim it you probably could wait for the warlock
  8. I asked a friend who is a free player and he says he gets copper for killing mobs so... you do realize copper/silver doesn't actually drop on the ground like items it goes into your "money pool" automatically when you kill things?
  9. Purchasing Premium In-Game?

    Can you not buy it from the cash shop at the character select screen??