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  1. New RNG Box in Shop!

    *Sob* I have FAAAIIILLLED
  2. New RNG Box in Shop!

  3. Hongmoon Outfits & NC Response

    Hell YEAH Ps, where's my bold option?
  4. Kirin ?? Seems an odd creature choice

    It's one of the four benevolent animals I believe.
  5. ALL MY HELL YEAH Tho genderunlocking would require new models for each race, BUT STILL HELL YEAH.
  6. How do the Yun reproduce?

    I assume that there's a set amount of yun in the world and when they expire, they just reincarnate later.
  7. Nope, this is the internet we have to be extreme. @OP I feel u. The outfit looks so unfinished from the thighs down. :T I REALLY wish I had those leggings for my lyn. >.<
  8. Oh well this is fun! This is probably one of my favorite bugs
  9. Cinderlands Transformation Stone

    MArketplace or crafting (Soul Wardens)
  10. Yeah, I always dread seeing another FM in the party because it's inevitable that one of us is going to jump the gun on our explosions. :T
  11. Illegal Names

    If you think a name is inappropriate take a screenshot and make a ticket through support. They have an option for this in the report form.
  12. It should scale you if you zone in via f8. Otherwise, let me feel op. :P
  13. Warlock Only bug?

    Yep. They claim it's a "teaser" for when they're going to flip the switch on the warlock for us (It's in the game files, it just literally needs to be turned on) It really does feel like teasing at this point :T
  14. Show off your characters!!

    Shout out to all the lyns who look like they just don't give a *cricket*.
  15. New outfit releasing in KOR

    Not a fan. Sexy fashion is one thing, but nakedness just for nakedness' sake is another. And then lyn without pants is something else entirely. >.> No thank you.
  16. Daily Dash Outfit

    I'd say my money's on the cash shop but that's a bit on the nose isn't it?
  17. custom gangplank style

    Yeah it's really bad communication. :T
  18. custom gangplank style

    It automatically changes to the color of your character's hair, that's what it means. If you want to change the color, you have to use a character alteration ticket.
  19. Yeah but it's nigh impossible to get hongmoon coins atm. I've only gotten like 100 from the singular daily dash venture token I've been granted. And while they're waiting for the economy to stabilize, the problems with lacking any way to get inventory space without dropping a small fortune on each character is starting to make the cash shop seem really ugly.
  20. What Hair Color is this even?

    Black with golden highlights. As someone using the blue with green highlights, I feel your pain. :(
  21. How about.... smaller head minimum for lyn? +Less bobblehead. '3' +MY MONEY!!
  22. Wardrobe Malfunction!

    Hey my file repair worked too! '3'