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  1. Hell YEAH Ps, where's my bold option?
  2. I assume that there's a set amount of yun in the world and when they expire, they just reincarnate later.
  3. Shout out to all the lyns who look like they just don't give a *cricket*.
  4. Yeah it's really bad communication. :T
  5. It automatically changes to the color of your character's hair, that's what it means. If you want to change the color, you have to use a character alteration ticket.
  6. Yeah but it's nigh impossible to get hongmoon coins atm. I've only gotten like 100 from the singular daily dash venture token I've been granted. And while they're waiting for the economy to stabilize, the problems with lacking any way to get inventory space without dropping a small fortune on each character is starting to make the cash shop seem really ugly.
  7. How about.... smaller head minimum for lyn? +Less bobblehead. '3' +MY MONEY!!
  8. Ooo! Also a server status page on the main site would be great! Like we could check if the servers are up, their population status, and the amount of people in queue! +Convenience +Help people know what servers to roll on +I don't have to be afraid to log out! Also Maybe a bank next to E. Fleet? You get so many drops from there, it'd be nice to empty my inventory right away. +Convenience
  9. For the forums, we need more sections! Sections for each class (including warlock, for the warlock hype threads) Fan Creations needs to be split up into Art/Screenshots, Video, and Fanfiction/Roleplay. We NEED an off topic section 'cause I need some of y'all weaboos to give me some good anime recommendations, 'cause I have a hankerin' We need a section to discuss the Ncoin store and hongmoon store. Maybe we could have a story discussion forum? And we definitely need server forums and their respective faction sections.
  11. The friends list and wardrobe bug was added with last patch :T Another thing to add (so many!) A sensible way to get cloth. +We'll be able to use the cloth transmutation function +Something to do with all those Deva Outfit boxes. +Seriously who the *cricket* is gonna salvage cash shop items? Another thing edit because edit. Being able to buy premium out of game, on the site, with real money not ncoin. +More convenient +LESS OF THAT STUPID PREDATORY DOUBLE PRICING. Edits because who the hell cares anymor
  12. Nope. Just free for all, round robin, and master loot for anything that is not auctionable. Purple items are mandatory auction.
  13. I don't see why not if it's an option that you can set before the dungeon or something like that. '3'
  14. Also those pouches would be cool too. I cannot afford to drop $400 on just pouches X_X Like, inventory is not whale bait. It's a basic ui function, man... Cool sparkle swords are whale bait. Go charge those prices for that.
  15. Good golly this is a spiffy list. Throw my vote in for "Access to Wardrobe storage open to all players, and shared wardrobe for premium players (duplicate outfits stack like most items stack in the inventory)" +Helps alleviate some of the heinous inventory issues this game has for free players. +Imho, more valuable than the simple wardrobe storage perk for premium, making buying premium more desireable +Automatically fixes the problem with character-bound cash shop items +And makes it look like NCSoft is adding convenience for paying players instead of removing
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