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  1. I agree with Lyziel. I took a break from BnS for 5 months and it was due to the soulstone farming. I do not like PVP and hated being in the PVP area and getting ganked constantly. I could not finish the quests. Now that my toon is level 50, I found out that the only way to get the Hongmoon Pellet is through PVP. Even the clan crafting needs a mat from the zen bean vendors. I would like an alternative for the PVEers. Like Lyziel said, carry them in the Hongmoon store or make the zen beans tradable so that I could purchase them from the market. There has to be a way to get the mats neede
  2. The Reversed School Uniforms - I want a male school uniform on my female toon. Also, "Hello Kitty" outfits.
  3. Whoever thought that putting the limit of 50 was good enough must not have played the game. What a joke!
  4. I know I can put away the outfits in the bank. However, what I have noticed in Taiwanese BnS, the bank spaces will fill up quickly with the crafting mats. I am one of those people who would like to collect all available outfits.
  5. I am hoping NC will have the wardrobe available to all not just for the premium members. I looked at the NC shop and there were outfits that I would have love to purchase but restrained from it since I know I would have an issue with the limited amount of the inventory spaces. Not sure why they went with the wardrobe to be part of the premium, but I think if it is free, more players will buy outfits from the cash shop. Until the wardrobe is free, I am not buying any seasonal outfits or anything that would take up the inventory spaces.
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