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  1. I guess you have never seen my stream XD. There is no bigger summoner hater than me in this game XD.
  2. Summoner complaining XD. How about playing a real class or get good?
  3. Ernsthaft? DPS-Meter?

    Also ich verstehe nicht, wie sich Leute über DPS-Meter aufregen. Ich meine dem Anschein nach gehört der Thread Eröffner eher dem schlechteren Teil der Spieler an. Ich kann natürlich nachvollziehen, dass wenn man nun Angst hat nicht mehr mitgenommen zu werden. Aber bei aller Liebe warum sollen gute Spieler immer schlechte durchcarryn? Ich mache nur PvP und bin daher nur zufällig über den Thread gestolpert. Aber diesen Kindergarten mit DPS-Meter, gab es auch in meinem vorherigen Spiel. Tipp an den Thread Ersteller: "Wenn du so schlecht bist, dass dich ein DPS-Meter stört, dann seh es doch als Ansporn dich zu verbessern." Gruß Tenah (Warlock)
  4. Hey all my name is Tenah I'm a PvP addicted Warlock and in the following Topic I will show you my opinion about the current PvP Situation in Blade & Soul NA/EU Where is ESports working? Or where in general people do a lot of PvP? - As far as I know the only big PvP Scene of Blade&Soul is in Korea But what are the big differences from Korea to other regions? - Pay 2 Play (no Free 2 Play) which allows them to make a lot of stuff easier for the players, as the don't have to gain so much more money through Hongmoon Store - They start with arround HM 12 after finishing the main quests (Source: ) And here we are coming to the main point I want to talk about. Atleast we have a few good players in EU/NA but a lot of them quitted the game, for several reasons. So in general EU/NA has the chance for a nice PvP Community, but the problem is old PvPers will quit the game from time to time because they will have longer queues all over, and we won't get so many new players to PvP in BnS EU/NA. Why? - Because the most of them quit when they see they are getting defeated by someone with HM 10 while he was HM 1. So from time to time the PvP Scene in BnS will wipe till there are only more PvErs doing they're Dailys. So what is this Thread all about? - It's atleast a poke to NcSoft to tell them they need to change something for PvP So what is your Idea to change in the game? - After you reach Lvl. 50 Everyone in the F9 Lobby (only while in F9 Lobby, so it's not affecting PvE at all) should get HM 12 Skillpoints Why you want HM 12? Wouldn't be HM 9 ok or something in between there? - No as we are getting the next HM Skill on 20th of July we need the same HM Levels as Koreans need for PvP (Me as Warlock would atleast need HM 11 for the new HM Skill) What would happen if someone is HM 13? - He will be displayed as HM 13 he is HM 13 he got the Skillpoints for HM 13 What would happen to Bns EU/NA if we wouldnt change something like that to PvP? As I already said before it will turn from time to time into a pure PvE Game, it wouldn't damage NcSoft so far as the most money is gained by PvErs so it is their choice if they want to change something. That's it from me so far. Feel free to comment here and start a discussion about this topic. Greetings Tenah/Mysaria PS: For all people that don't know me I added my latest Screenshot I made in the rankings to show you that I'm not trashtalkin or something. I made me serious thoughts about this topic.
  5. Tier list in arena right now?

    Well y I'd like to have a attack/not attack function on thrall and maybe some q e skills when we dont have the pet called cuz the defense of wl is so broken we have like bastion and what else? a block that can gets broken by every class? idk why ppl cry about warlocks block its more shine that its good than it acutally is. and y warlock is a real hard class as u have to counter break by urself so no skill shows u the enemy is countering right now and the aerials aswell u need to do them by urself. I'm always getting a laugh when ppl write me im playing a ez retard class.
  6. Tier list in arena right now?

    Hey Guys, I'm Tenah one of the 2 Diamond Warlocks. I saw that there is a lot of discussion about Warlock so I'm gonna give my 2 cents to it. Warlock is atleast a weak class to be honest. Reaching the Top Tiers doesnt mean you have easy way. I mean i queued from 2050 to 2104 against one and the same guy and grinded him. I guess I can speak for Kibi aswell as its more lucky with the match ups to reach diamond right now than with ur actuall skill. Greets Tenah
  7. [BUG] PvP-Belohnungen

    Da wirst glaube Ich keine Antwort kriegen Bro. Der Community Manager macht nicht wirklich viel außer Serverwartungen posten hab ich das Gefühl haha.
  8. This is my second Warlock PvP Video. I hope you enjoy watching it!
  9. Training Certificate

    I just read that you can buy the 300 papers u need for the hongmoon skill by training certificate. Anyone got a source where i can see that?
  10. This is my first PvP video with Warlock. Check it out!
  11. Tipp: Holt euch ne SSD, dann startet das game in 10-30s
  12. Keine Ahnung wie es euch geht, aber ich habe mitlerweile gar keine Lust mehr die Goldseller zu blocken, weil es so unendlich viele sind. Da muss dringend was gemacht werden. Macht meinetwegen eine Option, dass man Spieler unter l. 30 generell muted.
  13. Neues Titelbild gesucht :D

    Super des nehm ich! Perfekt :D