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  1. hello, i stopped playing this game last year dec, i was actually a kfm and when i get back to game because my friend told me they fixed ping issues. i was like O.O i can do 2rfr2rfr combo without using wtfast. my ping is 200-300 so yeah, im really grateful for this NCSOFT, even though im already left behind because i quit for 6months lol but yeah i don't mind about that anymore. again thank you very much ncsoft.
  2. as some of you know, some people has beluga lagoon open and others locked, and also, just wanna ask if you cant Queue solo anymore? so yeah, issue is some who lives in america or same timezone of server has beluga lagoon open right now. while the other lives in other region locked.
  3. can someone enlighten me whats going on? yesterday my Whirlwind Valley has check and Beluga locked, while the other players says their beluga is open and whirlwind is locked. today my whirlwind valley is locked and beluga is open while other player says their WV is open and BL is Locked, whats going on NCSOFT? and i cant even Queue alone anymore, how am i suppose to do my dailies? i really don't care about climbing rank, i just want my dailies done! can someone tell me whats going on? every update you made always have error on it. lets get real
  4. u can use item bank, wardrobe is one of the best feature for premium users,
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