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  1. Servers are back up but cant login

    everyone is trying to log in - was same in headstart.Give it few min and it will connect.
  2. Lol dude FM ain't a beast in 45 and is a fact but you have to be smart just.Think in advance - is not dificult to predict when they are going to jump on you.You have ice flower,q,e,ice tab...you have 2 stun removals as well.Just lil bit more tricky.
  3. Don't mind Aion players - they`re used even ther skills to be RNG - dmg between 300 to 5k.Ther pvp is about who have better RNG with skills,godstones etc.Everything is RNG there.6 years of RNG habbit is just bad for peoples health.
  4. Update Error

    For people getting eror 2024 etc errors - don't be plebs! Read the eror description...open task manager and close the bns files running in the background and then update...
  5. Oh hello there.

    I had friend complaling about the same...I end up clearing the plebs until they give up.
  6. Ok what will motivate people to run instances from which they don't need anything? Let's say I just upgraded my gear from instance Y and I'm broke as fck(which atm is actually the case lol).If is need greed I`ll not go in instance Y so some random pleb can take the item X.But in the system we have,in this case I`ll go back to instance and help the pleb get his item X because,well he is paying for it.And I can make some cash...
  7. Socket ice X on middle branch.It remove ther block and they are unnable to use it for few seconds.It work well vs destros too.
  8. How to NOT have money problems in B&S.

    Pro trip: Farm weapons/accesories needed for upgrade.They sell good - I manage to have 1 gold and something before I was even lvl 20...
  9. When people will get that not everyone is working 8-17(8am-5pm) mon-friday.I personally had night shift,came back home at 6,wake up and 12 and bam maintenance. Well not surpriced and I know it wont change,so yeah no reason to complain.
  10. EU maintenance hours

    mrgedek thousands of people could not convice them,and definitely we here wont either. In Aion Eu had like 20 servers if not more(pre merge) and our voice wasn't heard,so what do you think? Just wait for new patch day.I remember they added 1 day to our sub because the maintenance took most of our evening.
  11. EU maintenance hours

    And no.Most publishers that host games in Europe do maintenance for Eu convinient time.Even this shitty trion have maintenance based for EU and NA at different hours.
  12. EU maintenance hours

    Is the same in every NCsoft game - everything is based in NA and is made for NA.We had same conversation in Aion Eu back in the years,and in Lineage2.And it will not change.Thats NCsoft.
  13. Found the answer!!

    So here sucks because he is cheap pleb but there is ok because he paid for it. Inbefore Queue in BDO first week and same shit all over again. We founders paid and are not any better - we have queue too,but unlike you,we don't QQ that much(most anyway).It's not my first release and it's not my first queue,and I have seen worse - how about a p2p game with 4h queue at evening? No premium Queue because,well is p2p.Here atleast you have shortcut how to avoid plebs...and it's cheap.$30 are worth of 2 month and something Premium.By that time the hype will be over and we are gonna enjoy our new content,friends,pvp and so on.While you can go play this thing BDO which beside graphic offer little to nothing.The PVP is god awful.After 5 min watching open raids or pvp it just make me sick.Watched 1v1 - who has more pots he win.Such amazing tactic... However you crying plebs should be gone for the good of everybody else,we will be fine without you,and also mean less queue for us.Thank you and have fun.
  14. Spiral labyrinth.There is total 2 or 3 amazing costumes. This is last legendary lvl 45 dungeon.Main drop there is legendary weapon box.You can collect stones that drop inside the instance to buy one of the costumes from the vendor outside.
  15. Average wait time for premium members?

    WildFart is diff story thu.90% of the server is from founders...