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  1. Do we have any news regarding ue4 progress?
  2. Hi, so I bought a 365 premium on July 14, should I be able to get 4 appearance voucher or nah?
  3. How much difference would it make in performance? Will it also fix connectivity issue? Having doubts if I should make a kfm.
  4. Late winter trove was disappointing spend so much money and they nerf the prices 2 weeks after
  5. They wll not fix it as long as new players buys the insta lvl 50 voucher. That's how they make money by letting new players enjoy end game content.
  6. SA own server is a good idea but I don't see in your proposal how they're gonna make money out of people in SA which is a big factor for happening. I hate to say this but SA has a lot of third world countries and has a "low buying power" compare to the people in NA. Just saying don't flame me for saying this...
  7. Do we get rewards for mentor-student party system?
  8. I like how low gear people claim that they want to learn mech and they deserve to run with exp players. Why don't you run with people who has same gear progression and spend a whole day in a dungeon? Go spend hours clearing Dt for example. And it's not beneficial for me to run with people who doesn't know mech.
  9. In short not being able to kick in f8 gives people an alley way to become assholes
  10. They should rather give us the opportunity to run it 4m too I don't see the reason why it can't be done as 4m
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